GPS location data on your iPhone – kinda, sorta

Navizon gets location data on your iPhoneWhy wait for the next-gen iPhone to get your GPS fix? With Navizon’s new natively-installed iPhone application, Navizon, your iPhone can serve up location-data right through your Google Maps app.

The iPhone doesn’t have a GPS module, you say? Well, Navizon uses WiFi hotspot information and Cellular triangulation to get a fix on your position. It’s not the most accurate way to get location data, but if you’re completely lost and have no idea where you are, just fire up your car’s navigation system look at street signs ask somebody hit up the Navizon application on your iPhone.

The Navizon app will pinpoint (we use the term loosely here) your location on your Google Maps screen. But, don’t be surprised if you can’t get a location-fix because of a lack of known WiFi or Cellular signals. Navizon is a pay service – about $25 for the software (but you get a free 15-day trial when you register on Navizon’s webpage).

Check it out. As much as it might sound as if we don’t like the less-than-accurate service, it’s actually pretty cool – we just don’t like having to pay for third-party software that could quite easily be broken with the next iPhone update. Where can you find Navizon? Through, of course.

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