Nokia 6301: The popular 6300 gets WiFi

Just how popular was the Nokia 6300? Around 20% of Nokia’s profits for the second quarter fo this year were based on three devices: N95, E65 and the 6300. That says a lot about this little device. Today Nokia is launching the 6301, basically a WiFi equipped, UMA enabled 6300. Orange will be one of the first operators to offer the Nokia 6301, as part of its Unik/Unique portfolio. Yves Maitre, Senior Vice President of Devices for Orange said “The Nokia 6301 is a stylish new addition to our Unik range of converged fixed and mobile phones. Orange’s Unik offer brings together the convenience of a single phone and tariff at home and on the move and the widest range of UMA handsets. The Nokia 6301, with its sleek candy bar design and attractive stainless steel exterior adds to the appeal of Unik for Orange customers.”

[Link to press release]

It also comes with this pretty swank dock called the DT-23, check it out:


  • lutzs

    What about UMTS?

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Like the original 6300 this device lacks any sort of 3G.

  • Alexandr3

    Funny because I haven’t see anybody using the 6300 here in Portugal. But i believe it’s very popular elsewhere!

  • hakeemm

    what?! A s40 with wifi ?! … hurm..

  • Topy

    I dont see them much either…thought i have one 🙂 That dock looks nice.

  • Toby

    By the way, the form factor on this device is pretty awesome.

  • CR

    the wifi on this thing is pretty useless, you can’t use it to browse the web…

  • Raidium

    So the only addition on this phone is the wifi and the dock? Wheres the 3G? This is pretty much pointless to have if it’s not 3G equipped. A total waste of money on Nokia part!

  • kah fai

    i wonder why nokia 6300 dosent have wifi, its make the feelings SUCK for nokia..

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