Picture: Concept S60 Touch devices


After the S60 Touch announcement the S60 booth was absolutely slammed with visitors. Waking up early enough to be one of the first journalists inside however has let me get full, unrestricted access to all the S60 people. This slide is obviously not showing final devices, but here are a few form factors you can look forward to in the future. Note the high resolution 5 megapixel version of the picture below is on my Flickr account, here.

I’m trying my best to convince the S60 people to give me the video file of this clip I recorded yesterday.

  • Jani Helle

    Forget the iPhone (which Finland is most likely not getting anytime soon, if ever), a Nokia touch phone with a slide out keypad? I want! (like I’d ever get anything other than a Nokia phone…) Can I have that with the specs of the N95 (or better)?

    I realize these are just concept phones, but I did notice the lack of a secondary camera on the front for video calling? (which hasn’t really caught on with your average consumer, atleast not yet…)

    And what, if I may ask, is up with the one at left bottom corner? It looks unnatural, yet desirable.

    Can’t wait until the two year contract on my N95 runs out in April 2009!

  • jthousand

    I like the looks of that device. The front button layout similar to the layout of the N95 8GB, foldout keyboard, and touchscreen. As long as one handed use isn’t compromised, I’m there.

  • Tarex

    They are all the same device, or the same concept design.

    Except maybe for the one with the qwerty.

    All I want is a Nokia “Tytn II”-esque phone with s60 touch.

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