Quiksilver mobile phone concept

Quicksilver mobile phone concept

What we have here is an interesting and most probably unofficial Quiksilver mobile phone concept. We’ve no clue whether the popular surf clothing company has any plans to enter the mobile market, but if they end up doing so, they may want to make something unconventional. Guess that was the main reason why Fred De Garilhe, the designer of this concept, decided to make the device look this way. As you can see, the phone is round and can be opened in a Pac-Man style to reveal the larger screen. Kinda interesting, though I doubt we’ll see something like this actually manufactured in the near future…

Two more pics after the jump.

Quicksilver mobile phone concept - pic 1

Quicksilver mobile phone concept - pic 2

[Via: Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

  • Funkyyy

    when will sale this phone, or (if on sale now) how we can buy? i’m from turkey and how i can get that? thanks from now…

  • Anon

    very dumb design, many pointless features 3/10

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