Microsoft applies for mobile interface patent

Microsoft applies for mobile interface patent - new windows mobile UIMicrosoft isn’t known for having the most user-friendly mobile UI in their Windows Mobile OS. Don’t get us wrong, we still love the WinMo platform, but there’s just a non-intuitive, corporate feel to the Window Mobile UI.

Well, it seems Microsoft sees things the same way. They’ve applied for a patent of a new user interface that makes quick work of accessing all the features on the phone. The UI outlined in the patent is a departure from the Windows Mobile world of complex menu/list structure – giving the user quick access to

a list centered around a user’s current day [that] can include items corresponding to meetings scheduled for that day using a calendar application, E-Mail received on that day through an E-Mail application, and a weather forecast for the day provided by a weather service application.

Microsoft applies for mobile interface patent - new windows mobile UIDieter from WMExperts described it perfectly. This new UI from Microsoft frees the user from complex structure by allowing them to think

“what do I want to do right now” instead of “what do I want to do right now, what application do I need to open to do it, and how to I interact with that particular application.”

Simplification of the UI is just what Windows Mobile needs. Keep in mind, a simpler UI doesn’t mean lesser performance or lose of features, it just means that you’ll be able to access those features with less thought and more intuitively. We can’t wait to see what comes of this patent application.

[Via: WMExperts]

  • JaXX

    Errr… what do you mean by “We” in “we still love winmo” ?

    There should be variations like “Some of us”, or “I”, or “A few”, or even “Some who never tried anything else” 🙂

    I doubt Stefan could even touch a winmo phone without getting buttons and cramps 🙂

    Even I have one… in a drawer… and it’s not only the UI: The only times it doesn’t lockup or hang is when it’s totally discharged.


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