• silvia @ mobile phones review

    pretty good quality, too bad that phone is not suitable for a lady 😀

  • Alexandr3

    Again you’re the man. 🙂

    I want you to go and start working in Nokia because you’re very valuable and you deserve it, but on the other side I don’t want that because then you’ll have to stop talking about the new things, the rumours and the hard-to-get videos!

  • Un fan

    How naive can you be hoping that someday Nokia will hire Stefan !? 😆 You, bloggers have nothing in common with electronics. I ask myself what kind of university or college have you graduated. Because I don’d read nothing technical, but instead, the same poetry with “Symbian, S60, 240×320, 3G, 8GB, OVI”. My advice : Go home, Stefan ! Get a life !

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    love you too IP: , 86-122-183-81.rdsnet.ro

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