Apple bringing the iPhone to Australia’s Telstra

iPhone may be coming to AustraliaIt looks like our friends “down under” may be blessed with the joys of the Apple iPhone in the near future. Market Watch is reporting that Apple is searching for a wireless partner to pick up the iconic iPhone in the outback. Specifically, Australia’s Telstra has been reported to be testing the iPhone on its network. Telstra CEO Sol Trujillo has confirmed these reports and is looking to bring the iPhone to Telstra’s Next G network next year.

According to Sol Trujillo, Telstra’s Next G network will require a specialized version of the iPhone working on the 850Mhz band. But, if this deal goes through, we could see the iPhone jump from Europe to Australia within a matter of months. We’ll keep you updated, stay tuned.

[Via: Macworld UK]

  • Brent Summerton

    I went into a Adelaide non-Telstra, non-Optus Phone Outlet today where my wife purchased a Blackberry. I stated that I was holding out for the iPhone. The salesman asked whether I wanted to see the iPhone. They went out the back and brought a iPhone in its box sealed. He stated they will be released “this side of July” and that they can order stock now ready for release. However Apple has only sent 8Gig non 3G phones for the intitial launch.

    My assumptions from this is that they will not be locked to one carrier.

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