Having fun with cellphone jammers – when ideals are just plain fun

There’s a certain level of etiquette that’s expected of mobile phone users in public. Keep your phone on vibrate while in quiet environments (movie theaters, libraries, restaurants, etc.). Try to step outside if your conversation is going to take any significant length of time. Keep your voice down to a minimum – we’re talking to all you loud-talkers out there (no one wants to hear your conversation, it’s annoying). Unfortunately, many cellphone users out there are quite oblivious to these societal ideals.

Mobile phone cellphone etiquette

So, what’s an idealistic crusader for mobile phone etiquette to do? Get a cellphone jammer. If you find yourself having to teach that loud-talking, teen-aged valley girl a thing or two about minding her manners, just reach in your pocket and activate that wireless jammer. There have been a slew of portable signal jammers of late, and it seems that there’s a reason for it. As wireless signal jammers are becoming more and more accessible, Americans are taking matters of mobile phone ideals into their own hands – literally.

But, does your crusade have to be all business and no fun? Absolutely not. It turns out that people love the power that they can wield over the unsuspecting “loud-talker.” Cutting off an annoying cellphone user not only teaches them a lesson, it’s immensely entertaining to watch them try and re-acquire a wireless signal.

We’re not condoning such actions. But, should you find yourself needing to unleash your own brand of wireless justice on all those obnoxious mobile phone talkers, make sure you don’t jam an innocent by-stander’s polite conversation. Oh, and br careful about how you do it – wireless carriers pay boat-loads of cash to the government for the right to use their respective wireless frequencies, and they’ll think nary a moment before fining you thousands of dollars per jamming-incident.

  • RF9

    On a regular basis I wish I had a cell jammer to wield upon idiot cell-phone drivers.
    People who drive 10mph below the speed limit because they’re happily chatting away. You know the ones I’m talking about. The same ones that are tailgating at 15MPH above the instant they hang up.

    Or how about the person that causes a near collision and doesn’t even notice because they’re too wrapped up in their device.

    Each to their own and share the road. But people need to put driving etiquette above their cell phone usage.

    It’s rare I find a loud talker annoying. In most cases the loud talkers are doing so where it’s OK to do it, like at Starbucks or out in front of a restaurant. Anyone being annoying where they shouldn’t I and others have no problem TELLING those people to can it.

    But if they’re in a car, there’s nothing you can do to deliver the message except honk. And then you’re lucky if they have any idea why you’re honking.

    I can see it now…”oops, did your call drop? Can’t dial again? Look up, oh yeah, you’re not exactly driving very well are you!?”

    On the other hand, I’ll be even more furious if kids start jamming my calls just for thrills.

  • Will Park

    Living in Los Angeles, I completely share your sentiment for distracted drivers. Some drivers (most, really) just drive in their own little bubble (on the phone, and even those that are just plain oblivious) with no regard for the flow of traffic or other drivers on the road.

    And you make a damn good point about the same annoying kids screwing around with jammers just for kicks. That would really annoy me too. We need an cellphone jammer jammer. And maybe even a cellphone jammer jammer jammer, lol. 😆

  • The Fixer

    My cell phone is my job and I fully agree that people need to get a clue about cell phone manners.

    However Cell phone jammers are illegal in this country (US) for very good reason and I will do everything in my power (As in influence laws in my state) to make sure that laws and punishment for using these devices are stiff, harsh and fully enforced. Use of these devices should be a felony, with mandatory jail time.

    How long before sick people cause injury accidents and use a cell phone jammer to make sure people can’t call for help?

    For all you folks that think using a jammer is harmless and anonymous, think again. You can cause significant harm and damage without even thinking about it (Hell maybe you want to).

    For were I live, I know where all the dead spots are where I live and cell coverage just doesn’t up and quit (99% of the time).

    So, the next time I’m walking down the street and I lose signal while talking, I’m not going to assume cell company failure, I’m going instantly look up and scan everyone around me and if I see you smiling/staring at me, you’d better home you have a large knife/gun or some fast running shoes along with that jammer, or your going to find out what the laws regarding that device are in this state.

    Sorry to rant but these devices are dangerous and I DO hope that law enforcement are soon equipped with devices to search for these jammers.

  • Responder

    Dear Fixer

    I am a licensed and experienced gun carrier. If you’d like to knife or shoot me for interrupting your phone call, you would need to get it right the very first time. You simply may not assault someone you might suspect had blocked your telephone call. You need some perspective. The next person you attack may well have a large knife/gun (or both, as I do every day) and your intended victim may not be the one needing the running shoes.

  • demexii

    I love those things! I buy them all the time. I put them around my neighbors house and they can’t use their cell phones anymore! I also like going up to people who are talking business or something really important and block their cell phone calls. Whenever I see a cop or someone important on a cell phone I have to turn on the jammer and walk by. HAHA sucker! My next project is to put solar panels on them so they won’t stop working and line entire areas with them. And since they are so small I’m sure they would go a while before being noticed.

    • anonymous

      Demexii, there is something wrong with you if you aren’t joking. Not only is using these jammers illegal but to use it just for the fun of it and not to send a message to people is completely wrong and morally bankrupt. Please think before you post.

  • Fwiss

    Is cell phone jamming in public areas even legal?

  • Hivemind

    What in the name of god is wrong with talking in a PUBLIC place? Do all you who complain about cell phone talkers whisper to your friends on the bus or walking down the street? Or do you like the idea of a society where public places should be hushed like libraries, absolutely nothing approaching load speech allowed?

    People speak all the time on buses, often loudly. Do you ask them to be quiet because their normal talking is too loud for your poor sensitive ears? I personally don’t care what another person is having for breakfast, true, but I also don’t care about the conversations happening with two people face-to-face around me, does that mean I have the right to stop them talking?

    Seriously, do you actually like the idea of living in some sort of fascist, suppressed country where talking is absolutely forbidden lest it offend your sensitive ears?

    Grow up.

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