HTC launches the HTC Touch Cruise

HTC Touch Cruise Polaris P3650 launched

So, we’ve finally gotten the launch go-ahead from HTC on their new HTC Touch Cruise. Following on O2’s recent announcement that they’ll be bringing the HTC Touch Cruise (HTC Polaris P3650) to the UK as the O2 Xda Orbit 2, HTC has gone global with their shiny, new touchscreen device.

The Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional-powered HTC Touch Cruise will be sporting a speedy 400Mhz Qualcomm CPU, 128 MB / 256 MB of RAM and ROM, integrated GPS, quad-band GSM, HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, 3 megapixel camera (with forward-facing VGA video-call camera), and the must-have TouchFLO interface. Oh, and this bad boy’s going to be rocking UMTS 850/1900Mhz for US 3G goodness or UMTS 2100Mhz for some 3G fun in Europe.

And, for you GPS-loving WinMo fans out there, the HTC Touch Cruise comes pre-installed with TomTom GPS Nav software to help you find your way. Expect your local European retailer to carry the HTC Touch Cruise this month. Or, if the words “local” and “European” don’t apply to your neighborhood, head on over to HTC’s store and order one manufacturer-direct.

Update: Peep the hands-on vid above! From CoolSmartPhone

Press release [warning: PDF link]

  • alberto

    what does HTC have against flash?

    none of the touch series including this one, have flash.


  • Ozair Khan

    nice phone,my next one!

  • lutzs


  • TechieLife

    This phone is better than the iPhone
    – 3G
    – GPS
    – MS Exchange syncing
    – 3rd party apps
    – unlocked version available

  • Himayat Huma

    I was updated by a friend regarding the new HTC state of the art technology. My quary is ; is the onone avilible in Ireland,. what is its preice & will it accept the SD memory card.
    Thank you

  • Peter

    When will the HTC TOUCH CRUISE HIT CANADA? Toronto? TElus? I got the HTC TOUCH BUT THIS ONE IS so much better. And I just got the Touch 2 days ago, now I gotta sell

  • Nicole

    So I’ve read an article somewhere on here that you can buy a SIM free version of this direct from the manufacturer, does that mean that I would be able to unlock this and use it on Sprint? Can anyone give me some info on that?

  • Robin Majumdar

    Hmm. I am about to go for an HTC Touch (with Bell Mobility, in good part to get that $7 unlimited browser/email/IM package) … should I wait a bit for the HTC Touch Cruise ? (GPS is a killer app and need for me)

    Any ideas when we’ll see it in Canada ( Montreal region )


  • athi

    Is Rogers planing selling this phone in Ottawa, Canada? Have any one tried the unlock version in canada?

    Let me know

  • matty

    LOL! Sprint! HAHAHAHAHA, Try a GSM carrier!

  • phoenix

    “LOL! Sprint! HAHAHAHAHA, Try a GSM carrier!”

    GSM: a network that has been around since the late ’82 and is still hobbling along while the CDMA peeps get blazing fast internet at speeds of 2mbps+ im not on alltel but it is funny to see the GSM people think they have the greatest network due to the fact that they have an Iphone…which makes them superior to CDMA? get a clue? kthx.

  • crystalclear304

    GSM is clearly superior to CDMA you nubb. You can’t take a CDMA phone to most worldwide locations. GSM is much more popular. Watch what you say next time loser.

  • crystalclear304

    Hey mod, don’t block my msg. It’s legit. Maybe you can clean it for me.

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