iPhone v1.1.2 already jailbroken – simple, touch-free jailbreak solution for iPhone v1.1.2 [UPDATED]

Jailbreak for iPhone v1.1.2That’s right! The iPhone v1.1.2 firmware is now officially jailbroken. The new firmware’s only been officially available to US iPhone users for what seems like a minute and the developer community has already opened it up to third-party applications. With the return of homemade ringtones to v1.1.2 iPhones paired with iTunes 7.5, we previously mentioned that we’d hold off on updating to the new firmware until it was successfully jailbroken. So, it looks like we’ll be making the jump to iPhone v1.1.2 post-haste.

The iPhone v1.1.2 jailbreak software is compatible with both Windows and Mac and will handle your Installer.app installation needs. Short of truly one-click GUI jailbreak solution for iPhone v1.1.2, this newest jailbreak from Conceited Software should give anyone that has at least a passing familiarity with terminal commands an easy way to bring third-party apps to the new iPhone firmware.

Here’s the rundown on jailbreaking your iPhone v1.1.2:

  1. Jailbreak your iPhone v1.1.1 with this one-click web-app, if you haven’t already done so (oh, and update to iPhone v1.1.1 if you’re still using v1.0.2 – it doesn’t hurt, we promise)
  2. Fire up Installer.app and find “BSD Subsystem” under “All Packages”
  3. Download and Install the BSD Subsystem files
  4. Fire up Installer.app and find “OpenSSH” under “All Packages”
  5. Download and Install OpenSSH
  6. Fire up Installer.app and find “Oktoprep” under “All Packages”
  7. Download and Install Oktoprep
  8. Connect to iTunes and update to iPhone v1.1.2
  9. Open up terminal window and navigate to your “1.1.2-jailbreak” folder (“cd desktop/1.1.2-jailbreak” for example)
  10. Run the appropriate software (“windows.bat” for Windows machines, or “./osx” for Macs)
  11. Sit back and in a few minutes you’ll be enjoying your newly updated and jailbroken iPhone with home-brewed ringtone support.

Grab the iPhone v1.1.2 jailbreak here.

[Via: TUAW]

  • kamran

    hi, im kinda of a noob
    i have hacked my iphone NOT unlocked it, and i was scared my iphone might brick, so i never updated to 1.1.1 or to 1.1.2, and am still using 1.0.2
    so what i was hoping was that someone could tell me if an update would brick my iphone and if it doesn’t is there any way to update to 1.1.1 in order to follow the first step in this process because itunes is telling me update to 1.1.2 and doesn’t give me an option to update to 1.1.1
    wow i wrote too much
    Any help would be appreciated. thanks 😛

  • Me Mr. Cool

    I think this method works only on old version phone and update to v1.1.2.

    Does this work for brand new phone in the box with v1.1.2?


  • Ramadoss.N

    Hi, I have a brand new iphone purchased in USA market.
    which has 04.02.13_G that is v1.1.2. I could not downgrade to either v1.1.1 0r v1.0.2. I am not able to unlock the phone with the existing jailbreakme software. I could see lots of people said they unlocked the v1.1.2. Can anyone help me to unlock the iphone?

  • T.hand

    i have an unlocked iphone using 1.0.2 i am using it with t-mobile would it brick my phone if i uploaded to 1.1.1 so i can jailbreak the phone?

  • Marc

    I have a new Iphone 1.1.2 modem 04.02.13_G e serial 42 from o2 uk.
    If i downgrade to 1.1.1 and then up again with itunes to 1.1.2 and instal the app, my iphone will still work on o2?

  • Ramadoss.N

    Hi. I have an iphone which was having 42 serial, accidently upgraded to v1.1.2. and I got my iphone unlocked. It is working with tmobile fine. Present version is 1.0.2. Incase if i want to upgrade to v1.1.2 WHAT IS TO BE DONE? CAN UPDATE WITH ITUNES? dOES THE IPHONE GET UNLOCKED AGAIN OR NOT? I FEEL V1.0.2 IS TAKING LONGER TIME TO SEARCH FOR NETWORK.
    If any one can comment about it it will help me a lot.

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