Small Nokia 5200 toy looks sooo cool

Small Nokia 5200 toy looks sooo cool

Yeah, I should have probably wait for the weekend to publish this, but I just couldn’t help it. What you’ve just saw is the world’s smallest Nokia 5200. Naturally it’s a toy and you can’t use to actually make a phone call, but it’s cool nevertheless. It can SLIDE! Wow, my congrats to the designer/sculptor of this device. Now add a cell radio on top of it and you’re up for a Nobel prize. ;)

[Via: JampBLOG]

  • reptile18

    Currently, the smallest usable phone in the world is the one I own: the Pantech C300 series (including Pantech C3 and C3B).

  • Sarwar


  • Mukta

    Very Ugly

  • Kim

    OMG are these cute toys for sale <3?

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