Brief: Picture sample: Nokia N95 vs N82


It is 04:15 in Finland and I’m absolutely shot after such a long day and a fantastic dinner with Mark, Devin and Jeremiah. I couldn’t go to sleep without giving you guys something to talk about so I took 2 pictures of the stuffed animal my mom mailed me a few months ago. I encourage you to view both images in their full 5 megapixel glory here (N95) and here (N82). You can’t really tell in these 500 pixel wide versions, but the N82 (top) is better than the N95, at least to my eyes. Expect a full unboxing and initial review tomorrow.


Update: One more picture sample: Devin, Mark, Me and Jay standing in front of Nokia house with our new toys.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    notice how the light in the background of the N95 is washed out.

  • Reptile

    This is the original N95? or the 8GB? or the North American one?

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    If it was the N95-3 I would have said N93-3, if it was the N95 8 GB I would have said N95 8 GB, 😉

  • Chris P

    I bet the N95’s camera could be improved with a firmware update – it just looks like a colour balance issue. Whether they will do that is another matter.

  • vicky


    Dose Another firmware update can make my n95 cam better… Now i am using the v12.0.013…..

  • † prokop amon ra †

    😈 the nokia n95 8gb is beter the bouth

  • Ayon1991

    East or west n82 iz the best……. at least better than n95……. challenge.

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