Yahoo launches Chinese-langage Yahoo! Go 2.0

Yahoo Kimo Taiwan launches Yahoo! Go 2.0 for ChinaThe Chinese wireless market is a formidable force. With their hundreds and hundreds of millions of wireless subscribers, it makes sense for Yahoo to cater to the Chinese market. The search-giant has announced that they will be releasing their Yahoo! Go 2.0 mobile service in a Chinese-flavored version.

The US has had Yahoo! Go 2.0 for some time now. And it seems that Yahoo! Kimo (Taiwan) will be taking the traditional Chinese-language Yahoo! Go 2.0 software platform overseas.

We’re sure the Yahoo! Go 2.0 service will be fully-censored to the Chinese government’s liking. We can’t imagine that searches for “Chinese censoring” or “religious oppression in China” will yield any productive results.  Still, we’re sure Chinese Yahoo! Go 2.0 users will be happy to have Yahoo! Kimo’s online services at their fingertips.

[Via: DigiTimes]

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