Bango Button pushes content to your mobile phone

Bango Button debutsGetting content on your mobile phone should be as easy as clicking a print-button. At least Bango thinks so. With the increasing demand to put content onto mobile phones, the company has debuted their “Bango Button” – a one-click solution to push media to any mobile phone. The Bango Button allows the user to launch music files, photos, and other media from social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, and YouTube onto a mobile phone’s browser.

The Bango Button circumvents current efforts to mobilize content – there’s no need for specially formatted mobile portals or side-loading content from your computer. Just click the Bango Button and the content is pushed to your mobile phone. And, rather than relying on content-providers to mobilize the content for mobile phones, the Bango Button puts the power in the end-user’s hands. The user will decide what content they want to mobilize, with the Bango Button serving as a conduit for social networks and wireless operators to cash-in through increased mind-share and data revenue.

Put the Bango Button on your webpage today, sign up here.

[Via: Yahoo]

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