• Chris P

    Nice, very nice. Nokia are really picking up their game. Their latest phones are so much better – this new competition (iphone/android) is good for us all! I have the N95 8Gb and it is the best phone I have owned – but Nokia really have to sort out their GUI – its looking tired and cluttered. Sony Ericsson’s new UIQ is looking good too.

    I guess Nokia will be realeasing a whole new ‘touch’ range, a new topend N series range, a new set of tablets (N900 anyone?) with hapticos and Wimax as well and vanilla phones. This is going to be a beautiful year for Nokia buyers – but a horrible one too – bloody trying to decide which one to get!

  • reptile18

    So, I guess if you’re smart, you’ll wait until all these phones are out before buying anything.

  • olly

    If one of these is an e61i upgrade with a much better camera, better screen, and loads more memory it will just make my year!

    I love my n95-3, I truly do… but I MISS my e61i a ton.


  • Andrew

    I’m waiting for a Touch device myself but I certainly won’t be jumping straight on board with the first one they release.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Olly: I miss my E61i too. It has been delegated to rest on my nightstand for late night web browsing sessions and early morning email refreshers.

    Highest quality Nokia device I’ve ever owned.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    N95 was first gen, look where the N82 is! I can only imagine the first generation touch Nokia device will not be something I’ll lust after. Just keeping expectations in check.

  • Varun

    India is a hot market for Nokia.

    It was first a lowcost market, Now a very good place for selling highend phones.

    Sony Ericsson was hoping to capture this market share but Nokia is dominating this area also

  • driri

    The question will be : How many new handsets hit the north american or european market ? I think a lot of the 30 new devices will never come to the USA or EMEA.

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