Sony Ericsson opens first exclusive store in Bangladesh

Sony EricssonSony Ericsson has opened its first ever exclusive store in Bangladesh with the aim to provide local customers with a “world class shopping experience.”

Beside offering the full range of Sony Ericsson devices, the new store also features well-trained and friendly staff, as well as such goodies as touchscreen self-help product updates and interactive phone display. Plus, let’s not forget the in-store customer service center, or so called “Sheba.”

There you have it. If happen to be in Bangladesh, make sure you visit the store at shop number 35 & 36, Block A, Level 6, Bahsundhara City — where you’ll certainly have a chance to get your hands on the latest Sony Ericsson’s handsets…

[Via: JampBLOG]

  • Ahbab


    one of my relatives send a sony ericson set to me but no body here is available to un lock the set. This is Z 310 i

    Pls inform me , how can unlock it

    • Nazmul_raihan

       u can  go go basundhara city way.

  • Rigan

    necessary info……thnx

  • Md. Ohiduzzaman

    My friend lost his sony ericsson mobile. I search the address of sony ericsson head office of bangladesh. But i didn’t find it. My friend need the address. How can he find that?

  • Reza

    I want to buy x1 mobile fm Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • chris

    give me the last price…pls….i want to buy..

  • Bip

    This service center sucks lots of asshole seat there.They doesn’t even know what a mobile fone is.They don’t know anything about mobile.I brought my c905 there and one stupid bitch told me they can fix it so she wanted money from me i’ll say ok i’ll spend money if i need to fix my c905 then she told me to wait till she asked her fucking boss after 30 min she called me and told me they won’t be able to fix it she told me to meet after 1 month and after 1 month i visited em they said still they can’t fix it omfg wht a horrible bunch of illiterate at SE custom care at Dhaka they all sucks lmafo SE guys plz recruit somebody who actually know about SE fones dumb fuckers

  • mamun

    my sony ericsson t700 are not work media file > what do now ? pl tell me.

  • tutul

    Hey guys I want to know that is there any authorized showroom in Uttara?
    Please let me know as soon as possible.

  • Neazuddin Ahmed

    Sony Ericsson opens first exclusive store in Bangladesh.tiz really impressive,so plz provide contact in details and latest price list of sony ericsson mobile set which is available in bangladesh.

  • Adiba

    Hi, I want to buy a sony ericsson Xperia X10 from Bangladesh. I want to know the price details and the outlets available in Bangladesh. Please inform me as soon as possible. I’m afraid I might not be replied as none of the the queries here are answered.

    • joy

      xperia x10 is being sold at around 42k in bashundhara city mall.,

  • Md.Feroz Alam

    I want to buy sony erisson satio (idou) from Bangladesh.I want to know about the price and outlets avaivlable in Dhaka city. Please inform me.

  • Munna

    I want to chang my cover of k770i.where I can get original cover in bangladesh.I went to Sony Ericson service center in basundhara city but I didn’t get there.pls inform me detail. Thanks.

  • Shakiul Haque

    I have a sony ericsson K750i handset. But its camera and flash is not working. Now i want to repair it. From where i can get it repaired? Plz help me.

  • Md farid ahmed

    Dear sir i am farid ahmed from bangladesh. I am new user of sony ericson hand set model no xperia x1, now i have facing a problem use this hand set, from few days i use internet in this set. after a randomly use now when power on the set is working properly but when folding cover flip or open to use keyboard then folding cover back light and display off, then time nothing work to do. And reagain power on this set for working next time. In this problem i need your help, advice or feedback on how to solution. Wait for your reply shortly thank you very much

  • niloy

    is vivaz pro available in bangladesh

    • Nazmul raihan

      ya olso now u’r nearest shop.

  • apu

    Where is sony ericssions customer care/head office?

    • Shafique Ullah

      Where is sony ericssions customer care/head office?

      • Pdcimran27

        i nneed sony ericsson k850i display and cassing original what is the cost please contact 01843711821

  • mamun

    i need a original cashing of sony ericsson k800i. how can i fiend it and how much it is?plz inform me.

  • Kabir

    Dear sis I’m new user of sony ericsson w395 slide phone. Now my phone ribbion is not work properly.
    In this situation what can i do now.plz inform me.
    i’m waiting for ur feedback.

  • shuvro

    last night i bought c 905 .. after setting 2 gb memory card i wanted to format this card but could not format this one because set asking me old password .. but unfortunately i dont know this old pass word in that time i asked seller he also dont know… what can i do now.. please inform me as early as possible …….

    • Nazmul_raihan

      sony ericsson is default code is:-0000.than it was nt properly.obiously u must be flash u mobile.

    • Sagor

      If it is ur card than nothing i can do but if u brought it recently than its probably stolen from somewhere.  

  • farhan

    cud any1 giv me the phone no. of the shop..

    • Nazmul_raihan

      best no:-01678004400

  • haffiz

    my phone got pattern lock the display is showing login with google account

  • Zahidrana_247

    Dear authority concern,
    I have a ericsson W395 but sometime people who is calling is facing a problem he is not cleared what i am saying . pls inform me the way of solution.

    Zahid (from Bangladesh)

  • Dr Goutam

    Can any body send the phone / mobile no of Sony Erricsson show room at shop number 35 & 36, Block A, Level 6, Bahsundhara City. Thanks in advance. My E-mail ID

    • Nazmul_raihan


      • Drgoutamc

        thanks boss

  • Mobruka Ahmed

    I bought a Sony Ericsson W580i on 24th march……and I am facing problems with it….it turns off unexpectedly if the charge decreases to 50%..and if I again turn it on and try to make a call or send a sms it again turns off…..but it turns on in flight mode….so i was keeping it well charged…..but two days before the phone turned off and i could not turn it on anymore….i hope someone will be able to help me with this….as this problem is going on from the first day….i really like Sony Ericsson….i really hope i will get help. Thank you.

  • Porosh

     please inform me the price of ”xperia X10” cell phone.

  • naweed

    plz can anyone inform me where r the best customer services of sony ericson after bashundhara city?

  • wahed

    Sony Ericsson a very nice phone set if it is originally sony, i have been using since 2002. it is specially skilled  for browsing whether in phone or as modem withe PC.
    yes i am using K800i

  • Sawon

    where is it can any1 say where it is…? dan plz e-mail me……………………………………………………………………….

  • Anonymous

    is there any sony ericsson showroom in ctg?
    which mobile will better within 10 thousand can any one suggest?

  • Shampa14

    i want to know any phone number of sony ericsson customar care service

  • Mahmud

    Where is sony ericssions show room in gulshan ?please let me know the contact no & address.

  • Maruf

    Where is sonnyericsson service center in Dhaka????

  • Muktaferdous

    I bought used SE Satio, next day my it is unable to power on. From SE care they told me if it is software problem, they will fix it but next day they call me said it is need updated software, current software is not support to install in it. Now please tell me why old software not supported, why it need updated software & it will be ok anytime. If yes then how long i need to wait.

  • Towhidul Islam57

    Hi.I have soni ericsson k750i.few days ago I drop it and it turn off.when i restart it the display has gone.I went to service center but they told me motherboard problem,they don’t do anything…So what I do now????  Inform me please..  

  • Rana

    Can any of u tell me any store address of SE at Dhaka? The mentioned one has been replaced. What’s the new address?

  • Fihaa56

    Is there any sonyericsson showroom in dhaka??? The one mentioned above is no more in bashundhara city. Please let me know. My email id is fihaa56@gmail:disqus .com

  • Shagufta072

    what is the latest price of sony erricson c905 in bd?
    please let me know.

  • Bashar

    Can any one tell me about the sony Ericsson live with walkman’s rearl price in Bangladesh and from where can i buy it . please email me 

  • Ashraful Nowfel

    live with walkman’s rearl price is18000-17500tk in Bashundhara City

  • I want to buy Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman. is it any near place from Badda that have Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman?

  • Juwelsakrer

     Can any one tell me about the sony Ericsson arc s rearl
    price in Bangladesh and from where can i buy it

  • Nayeem

    Can any body send the phone / mobile no of Sony Erricsson show room at
    shop number 35 & 36,  Thanks in
    advance. My E-mail ID

  • Nayeem

    Can any body send the phone / mobile no of Sony Erricsson show room at
    shop number 35 & 36,  Thanks in
    advance. My E-mail ID

    • Rokon

       Nayeem vai apni ki shop er number paichen? paile pls amake o mail kore diben kindly…..mail:

  • Ashraful2468

    How can i find Sony Ericsson satio casing in Dhaka,Bangladesh.
    If anybody know that Please Email me in this

  • Sumiya Haque

    I bought  Xperia X10i from Singapore before 3months ago.And now i cant start my mobile.When i go to service center they told me its dead and they try to do something.My set got very hot anytime and got restart.Servicing center said its ic prob.Now tell me where is your servicing center in dhaka??
    I think sony is most bad set i had ever use.
    my email id is please reply.

  • Rokon

    I have Sony Ericsson K850i orange branded mobile set..But I broke my phone’s caching n need the original caching…Where I can find the original caching for my phone….pls somebody inform me…..mail address is: 

  • Aneekanawar

    as it is a showroom so we will be able to get warranty on the purchase of cell phones right? i am planing to buy a Sony Ericson phone but i couldn’t because there wasn’t any showroom. as it is and official one now i will. my budget is 25000 i am specifying TOUCH ANDROID & 5 ABOVE MEGA PIXEL CAMERA. please let me know the available models under these requirements. thank you PLEASE REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

  • Kazinafees

    Can any one give me the phone number of sony ericsson showroom in dhaka? 

  • Sopnonil_gold

    i need sony ericsson xperia play r 800i original mother board how can possible in dhaka ? 01683529750 pls contact with me ..

  • Asad

    My camera is not working.. when it was first time then alert “Could not connect Server” Nowadays its come “force closed unexpectedly” ..

    What should i do now???

  • Zakaria

    I wanna buy a Sony Xperia T, where can i get it from? Zakaria. 01712230686

  • kiron yamin

    What is the price of sony xperia sp……………………………..?

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