RIM planning BlackBerry 8110 Pearl with GPS?

RIM planning new BlackBerry 8110?So, with the BlackBerry 8120 Pearl sporting a lonesome WiFi radio, it makes sense for RIM to push a GSM version of the GPS-enabled BlackBerry 8130 Pearl. Word on the street has it that the new BlackBerry Pearl 8110 will be picking up where the Pearl 8120 left off – opting for a GPS receiver in place of the WiFi radio. We’re thinking that 3G is in the cards for the Blackberry 8110 Pearl, but that would be speculation.

The launch window for the BlackBerry 8110 Pearl is supposedly slated for early 2008, which means this GSM jobby won’t make it into any Christmas stockings next month. We’ll update when we know more.

[Via: BlackBerryCool]

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