Vito Technology releases GoodWin; Makes HTC Touch look even more like an iPhone

Vito Technology releases GoodWinAlthough I don’t own a Windows Mobile device, I do admire Vito Technology’s efforts to add some of that “iPhone charm” to smartphones and PDAs running the Microsoft’s mobile OS. Naturally, the mobile software developer primarily targets touchscreen-equipped device (HTC Touch) owners, who may want to improve the overall usability of their respective devices.

Earlier we saw them releasing the iPhone-like virtual keyboard (ZoomBoard) and contact manager (FunContact), and now with their new application called GoodWin, their goal is to change the homescreen. As you can see from the image on the left, they’ve managed to copy iPhone’s look and feel, even “borrowing” the way of unlocking the device. Looks neat and I guess they should now bundle these three apps into an “Make your HTC Touch act like an iPhone” bundle, don’t you think? 😉

  • Kevin

    Yes, the iPhone has brought stuff like this to the news forefront.

    But rther than saying a screen with icons (old stuff) copies iPhone, it should be noted that iPhone is behind a main UI curve in smartphones… the programmable homescreen.

    Especially WM phones have the choice of many user customizable home screen that can show / do almost anything the owner wants.

  • Nick

    Ok, lets get a few things cleared up.

    1. The HTC Touch is not the only “touchscreen-equipped device”. Touch-screen equipped phone have been around for 3-4 years. I owned my first one way back in 2004.

    2. Icons on the phone screen has been something windows mobile devices have been able to do, years before anyone even thought about the iPhone. There’s been software to show your messages, missed calls, and evereything else for years.

    3. Just because Apples creates a product or software interface does not mean that they were the ones who came up with the idea. Remember that whole visual voicemail thing that they said they created? They are now getting sued over it since they simply took the idea form someone else who has it pattented without asking.

  • dusanb

    Just one thing, I never said HTC Touch is the only “touchscreen-equipped device”. I just put it as an example of a perfect device for the application. And that’s I guess what Vito Technology is thinking as well (or at least their screenshot suggests so).

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