Make music with your iPhone – control Pro Tools in real time with the iPhone

This is most definitely one of the coolest third-party iPhone applications that have yet to hit the third-party application market. The iPhone’s capacitance-based multi-touch screen is perfect for on-the-fly, simple manipulation with a brush of the finger. So, it makes sense to put it to good use – like controlling your Pro Tools setup so that you can master your own tracks in real time. That’s right, with the help of a WiFi connection and a MIDI controller on your Pro Tools-rig, Alex le Lievre’s iPhone Pro Tools controller is one slick little app (it works with the iPod Touch, naturally).

Like any good entrepreneur should do, Alex le Lievre is looking to make some bucks off his creation. He plans to release his Pro Tools controlling, third-party iPhone application as soon the iPhone SDK launches next year.

The app lets you mix and fade different tracks and lets you record your actions for playback later. We’re not exactly “hip” to the music-production lingo so we’ll just let the video below do all the talking.

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

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