Sprint unveils Samsung m520 slider

Samsung m520 headed to SprintWhen we hear of a new Samsung slider being unveiled, we usually think along the lines of the thinnest and sleekest handsets on the market. The new Samsung m520 for Sprint doesn’t really fit our expectations. The 13mm thick Samsung m520 slider features stereo Bluetooth, EVDO, 1.3 megapixel camera, microSD card slot, and some GPS capabilities – not exactly run-of-the-mill but not mind-blowingly awesome either.

We know this thinnish slider will be hitting Sprint’s network soon, but a solid release date isn’t yet available. The Samsung m520 is already rocking on Qwest’s airwaves for $90 after contract signing and rebates, so a similar price point on Sprint would make sense.

[Via: PhoneArena]

  • Pablo

    🙂 $49.99 After MIR!!

  • Isaac

    50 Bucks awesome phone i like a lot

  • Raymond

    I got it a week ago and already have replaced the 64MB MicroSD card with a 2GB one and have it jam packed full of ringtones, mp3’s, videos, and animated screen savers. I love the feel of this phone and the Sprint TV on full screen looks great.

    Love it

  • john

    does it use a sim card?

  • Meg

    Next time, can you try being a bit more positive instead of making it sound like its not good enough?

  • Trent

    I just picked mine up today….and i love it! its thin looks cool and its just overall pretty sweet :mrgreen:

  • annie

    I have the phone, it’s pretty lame in my opinion. Very glitchy, phone always on keyguard unless you open it, terrible music player, slow software, only 2 theme options, 1.3mp camera. This phone has nothing new than any other barely midmarket phone from 2 years ago, except it’s in a slider. samsung did a crummy job. THe only good thing about it is the size of the screen and the slim profile. 😡

  • shelly

    Raymond or anyone else. What’s the best way to put ringtones and screensavers on the m520 without spending loads of money?

  • mack


  • Meg

    the phone is cool. screen gets reallyyy oily though. the keyguard is cool, but i wish it could light up the screen without having to slide it up. and i dont like that when u change background themes or put a picture as a background the menu changes. overally great phone with cool buttons=]

  • K M


  • Brittany

    im hoping to get one soon .. i really hope its not all messed up becasue i just got an LG rumor and that sucked really bad the screen went out has anyone had it happend with this phone?

  • Dave

    The phone is actually pretty nice. Especially if you’re reasonably knowledgeable about technology. There are ways around putting content on the phone than going through sprint’s pay service. The microSD is upgradeable to 4gigs, which is a pretty nice music player if you get yourself a set of earplugs and even better if you get your hands on a set of bluetooth earplugs.

    The keylock is customizeable so that you can turn it off or set it to a specific amount of time, making the phone useable without having to slide it open.

    The camera isn’t so hot, minimal zoom but the picture quality is decent enough. It is a phone first, so I can’t really complain there.

    The firmware seems a bit buggy, but overall it’s not too bad.

  • newToM520

    i have to slide the phone open to check time because the keys lock with slider down. what is the “key guard” setting that can allows me to light up yhe display using the volume keys or something?

  • Dave

    The key guard setting can be found under Settings, More… and then it’s further down the list.

    Basically, turning it off will allow you to use your phone while it’s closed. You can also check the time, or light up your screen by pushing the volume control buttons, regardless of whether key guard is off or on.

  • newToM520

    thanks for the quick reply Dave. My phone does not light up when i press the volume buttons, regardless of the key guard setting. Any idea what could be wrong? I have 3 of these phones and they all behave the same. Is it possible that Samsung changed the functionality of the phone/software? Any thoughts???

  • Dave

    I’ve only had my phone for about a month now, so I’m not sure how much would have changed in that time. If the phone isn’t functioning properly, I suppose you could take into where ever you purchased it and have one of the sales reps look over the phone.

  • newToM520

    … update …

    found out that my “backlight” setting was “Slider Up” – this caused the volume buttons to not light up my display.

    select Main Menu > Settings > Display > Backlight then select either “30 seconds”, “15 seconds”, or “8 seconds”

  • Jigar

    does this cell have SIM card???

  • Anna

    Got this phone about 3 or 4 days ago. Everyday i find some new feature on it. I got way more than i expected.
    Am very happy with it. I did research on lots of different phones for about 2 months and read that this one is one of the best in its class. I debated and waited because i wanted to make sure that it is indeed what i wanted. Now that i have it, i wonder why i waited SO long! Absolutely love this phone. If any of you out there are contemplating on getting it…..wait no more, Just do it!! You will be very pleased. By the way, it looks much nicer in person. The pictures on the web do not do it justice.
    Have not complaints!!

  • cc l. bean

    should i get the rumor or the M520?

  • Anna

    I myself contemplated that for about 2 months.
    I love the fact that the rumor has a key board since i do a lot of texting, but thats about it on the rumor. Not a whole lot of other features. The web is much slower. With the M520 which i just got last week is everything i expected and much more. Do i wish it had a keyboard??? yes! But hey, thats the only thing its missing and i am already pretty fast at texting from a regular phone. Hope this help cc l.bean. Good luck!
    Oh by the way, its a very beautiful phone. Pictures on the web dont do it justice.

  • danielle

    do not buy the samsung m520. i’ve had it since may and i loved it. but after having it for about 5 months, it turned really glitchy. it freezes like twice a day and i have to take the battery out to fix it, the main lcd light stays on sometimes and will not turn off until i restart the phone and sometimes my texts take up to 3 hours to get to me. i’m getting a new phone soon.

  • Hokex

    does the samsung m520 have a sim card?

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