Samsung ‘Female’ Phones?


Probably you might have read the title to this post and thought phones that have their own sex? Phone genitalia? Oh, actually, was that just me? Nevermind…. has a story about a couple of new Samsung phones (SGH-L310 and SGH-L320) that apparently are for “fashion conscious users” – or, you could suggest, mainly girls?

What makes these phones lady-magnets are supposedly a few things:

  • Hardware design (see pics)
  • Software apps including a shopping list, perfume guide, calorie counter
  • Distinctive patterns and hidden icons for incoming calls and MMS

To be fair, I can kinda see’s point of view – you could argue there are some stereotypes here, but personally I think the bigger issues for any consumer with these devices, is that spec of them isn’t that great – 2MP camera, small screens – need I go on?

Anyhow, I suppose you need a diverse product range to target those niches, and Samsung have a handset for pretty much every network, bearer, continent, and technology – that, you can’t argue with!


  • ghengis

    nice phones,but its about time to make some phones and assign title them with “men phone” ONLY :mrgreen:

  • Ben Robinson

    @ Genghis:

    Do you have any suggestions for features though?

    * Football shirt identifier
    * GPS pub locator
    * Random excuse-generating on-device answering machine
    * “Get me out of here, I’m bored” button (Features TBA)


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