HTC ships 2 million HTC Touch handsets

HTC TouchBack in November, we reported that HTC announced its millionth HTC Touch shipped. Now, only 3 months later, the Taiwan-based smartphone maker is saying they’ve doubled that number.

There’s no doubt HTC has a winner with the Touch. It’s not that expensive and looks very appealing, hence it’s very attractive to the current feature phone users. Hopefully, we’ll see them rolling out improved version of the device during this year. Scrap that — we’ll certainly see the new Touch unveiled till this year ends. What we want really is some slim QWERTY keyboard action. As opposed to the too thick Tytn 2…

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • bazza

    “yesterday’s”? ❓

  • dusanb

    Typo — sorry. Writing too fast. 🙂

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