Microsoft in talks with Nokia to create Windows Mobile devices


Microsoft’s Windows Mobile isn’t successful by any stretch of the imagination. When you compare the number of Symbian, RIM and even Apple devices out there, you quickly begin to see the disparity between the hype of Windows Mobile and the actual sales figures. Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business International Marketing Director John Starkweather confirmed with iTWire that talks were indeed occuring and that while “they obviously have significant investments in Symbian … there are a lot of places where we have significant synergies and we would love to see the day where those synergies would extend completely with Windows Mobile.”

He added: “It’s something we talk about all the time.” I’m sure they’ll talk about it, but I doubt we’ll see something come out of it, unless Windows Mobile 7 and 8 really start to kick ass. By that time I imagine S60 will be even better than it is today and I can’t even begin to imagine what RIM or Apple have up their sleeve.

  • Ricky

    WinMo on a Nokia? I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  • jussi

    No, don’t fall to the dark side Nokia! 😮

    On the other hand, wouldn’t it be cool if the future phones would be open like PCs…so you could choose which OS to have in your phone..Symbian, WinMob, Linux or even MacOS. I’ll serious doubt this will ever happen but a man can dream, can’t he…

  • bustafone

    What are you about?
    WM is 10 times better than Symbian OS.
    it is always 2 steps ahead, Go to HANDANGO and check
    who has 5 times more really usefull applications.

    I think this is meant to happen.
    NOKIA would be smart to dump its dying OS.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    since when does 50% market share qualify as “dying os”? 🙄

  • inhibitech

    This is a Marriage made in Heaven!

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    inhibitech and bustafone are the same person. he forgets i can see his IP address when he submits a comment. 👿

  • bustafone

    I don’t care if it is 90%!
    most developers are not even bothering to write applications
    for the Symbian OS. It is too hard!
    That is now, Imagine whats gonna happen when the iPhone SDK
    and Google Android are in their hands.
    its over!

  • bustafone

    why don’t you refute my point instead.
    self-hating American.
    have to constantly your country to get a job in Europe!

  • bustafone

    Have to constantly bash your country to get a job in Europe.
    [now it is right]

  • Topy

    Lol busta is in fire!
    Anyways it wont happen anybody left with that thingie in your head will agree and just to add thank god it wont happen.
    It tells enough that Microsoft crawling to Nokia and not other way.
    After Apple got couple of more phones out and takes more % from them in USA and Nokia releases it’s first 5th edition phone Windows Mobile will be pretty much dead.

  • Fernando

    Woo, flame war!

    But I love when those people talk about “synergies extending wm”. lol, you can’t get what he’s talking about.

  • manu

    winmo is nice but nokia should improve symbian instead of making phones with windows mobile

  • Chris P

    Bustafone are you on crack!? Windows Mobile was decimated by the iphone this year. They really need to get their act together.

  • JonnyBruha

    That’s the most embarassing part. Windows Mobile, which is supposed to have a strong foothold in the US (since Symbian dominates the rest of the world) was overtaken by the non-smartphone iPhone in less than a year.

    I think I speak for the majority when I say bustafone can have his applications all he wants. It’s not going to help sell more WM phones anywhere anytime soon.

  • Chirantan

    hahah, true Jonny, reminded me of that discussion on HoawrdForums about “basic” apps being unavailable for S60 as compared to winMO!

  • Peter Parker

    Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia ESeries have all beaten the shit out of WinMo.

    @inhibitech: say “no” to drugs!

  • newtype2011

    If Nokia is wise, they will stay far away from anything related to WM. Outside of a few native apps, I doubt any type of deal will materialize which would allow WM on a Nokia.


    Just because there is more software available for a device on Handango gives little credit to your argument regarding WM. Half-baked logic isn’t going to work here.

    Grow up Peter Pan.

  • Steve

    Nce, I really like microsoft mobile.

    Cool blog, by the way 😉

  • Branding Symbian

    Nokia should stay with Symbian and let WM slowly die to iPhone and Android – if Nokia joined forces with Microsoft chances are that they would end up cannibalized by Microsoft.

  • tobeng

    Kill it, kill it with a stick!

  • Noah

    Barret, exactly what I was going to say.

    I think they may extend technologies and compatibilities with each other, but it’s a long, long way before they start making Windows Mobile phones.

  • Tom

    Personally think this could be interesting…it would definitely be good IMO for E-series devices as I think S60 and business don’t go great together.

  • dan

    er… i think there thinking of release both, Sym and WM.


  • Terence

    Most stupid thing I’ve read in quite a while. Talk about wishful thinking from this guy at MSFT. He probably said that just for the headlines. Winmo sucks big time and to hope Nokia (the main name behind Symbian and having just bought Trolltech – read Linux) would jump on their deadwagon is utter foolishness. As for this bustafone, man, quit the crack and maybe you can stop your jingoist talk regarding “gettin a job in Europe”.

  • WMghostwriter

    OK, overlooking the flaws in the iPhone software and firmware, the data leaks in Nokia firmware, the lack on sensible application and programing for Symbian, the totally idiotic writing and disfuntional style of both Motorola and PalmOS… they all funtion TO THE LIMIT OF THEIR PROGRAMMING. Not only is the writer of this article perpetuating his own biased and un-educated opinion on WM6 but I bet he was listening to his iPod while writing this ANTI-MICROSOFT propagandic junk. Bustafone, while ignorant, has a point, Windows Mobile has more useful and funtional applications and over User friendly capability. Try flashing WM to your iPhone an you’ll brick it, but with only a minor modification even the old HTC Wizard could smoothly run the iPhone flash as well as the iPhone itself. My suggestion is to go buy a new HTC Touch Phone, then hit up one of the hundreds of freeware sites for PocketPc and WM then lets see how much you praise an over-priced mp3 player with a sim card and BIG ICONS that doesn’t even send MMS. Remember Microsoft has been in the cell phone game for a min, the only reason why the iPhone took off the way it did was because of the iPod in it (iPhone stands for Idiotic People Only Demand New Electronics, the rest of us compare before we buy and car what we get in performance of astetics). As far as Nokia having 50% of the market, even if that is true its only because they are the Cheapest phones to buy. Oh and by the way I have used and owned a few phones from each of these companies and can write programs for the all. Believe me, those with any kind of consumer intelligence will stick with Windows Mobile because it simply works better than the rest not because the buttons are animated.

  • WMghostwriter

    sorry, thats care about performance over astetics

  • WMghostwriter

    iPod Idiotic People Own Disfuntionality
    iPhone Idiotic People Have Only New Electronics
    Mac Morons At Computers
    hows that for biased opinions

  • Asogwa Samuel

    I wonder why Nokia refused to allow Microsoft to integrate Windows Mobile into their product. Nokia is the best product in the market, but due to lack of windows mobile, one is forced to try other product. Let Nokia allow WM and you will see that millions of programmers are waiting for that and no one will have a reason for trying other phones.As a matter of fact, I see Nokia phones as toys until Windows mobile start runnig on it.

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