Wildcharge available for purchase!


After a long wait, consumers can now purchase WildCharge through their website  . In addition, WildCharge has announced the adaptors for the iPhone, iPod, Blackberry Pearl, Blackberry 8800, and the 2nd generation ipod Nano are now available for purchase.

The charger comes with a very thin adapter which you place on the back of the phone and all you need to do is place your phone on the pad and it will charge, wirelessly – check out these images:






Whilst I am not convinced the unit is fully inductive loop charging, it IS an interesting solution – and if we can get a review unit, we’ll let you know what it’s like in more detail. In the meanwhile, you can read more, and buy, here.

  • Felippe Oliveira

    Interesting idea, can’t wait to read your review for this new mobile charger gadget 🙂

  • Chris P

    So you have to attach something that makes the device thicker to use this? Why would anyone want to do that? Far easier to plug in the phone to charge than carrying an ugly attachment around 24/7. I thought they would be supplying batteries with the ‘receiver’ inside for the inductive loop charging so the device wouldnt have any more bulk. This iteration of the product probably wont sell well, but its quite interesting.

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