2 pictures: Black Nokia E90


We’re all recovering from Mobile World Congress here at Into Mobile; I just started dumping my memory cards onto my laptop and was delighted that I remembered to take 2 pictures of the black Nokia E90 on display at the Nokia booth. Get your fix after the jump.



The unresized version of the picture above can be had by clicking the thumbnail below:


  • Devin Balentina

    Looks hawwwwt 😯

  • Arthur

    Nice. Any word on availability ?

  • foobar

    Difference in comparison with “Mocha” variant is really so small I couldn’t personally tell them apart…

  • PlayerKill

    foobar, you must be kidding me…

  • Bytales

    Im so happy now i didn’t bought the mocha version when i had the chance. I will definetly get one when it will be available, unless nokia anounces a N-series qwerty phone with 5mpx camera and xenon flash, that is…

  • cando

    nokia black hinges look like cheap plastic, like chilrend toys, mocca is much more regal

  • suku

    its ossssssom man

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