New, yet to be released, Nokia N82 firmware to include geotagging support


A new firmware for the Nokia N82 to be released in Q1 has been confirmed by Kevin from the official S60 blogs. While he would not comment on all the new features or bug fixes, he does mention one new capability: geotagging. The Nokia N78, which was announced a week ago and is expected to ship in Q2, will have geotagging support out of the box. Whenever you take pictures and have the geotagging feature enabled, the resulting images that you upload to the intertubes will have GPS data attached to them.

Privacy advocates hold your horses, I’m sure this will be turned off by default. Remember that GPS currently only works outside. Looking forward to testing this new feature, as well as finding all the other new features, if any, in this new firmware.

  • Mavrek

    This is greate news to N82

  • Zak

    too bad it wont work in North America

  • NZtechfreak


  • Vaibhav Sharma

    Zak, it should work all around the globe. Its also good to see Nokia not forgetting about devices.

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