Apple give iPhone support for Microsoft’s Exchange server and Lotus Notes software – Enterprise iPhone

Lotus Notes and MS Exchange server coming to iPhoneWhile we wait for Apple’s press event next week, let’s speculate on what we’ll hear. We know that “cool new enterprise features” are going to be part of the “iPhone Software Roadmap,” but just what kind of enterprise features can we expect?

How does some Microsoft’s Exchange server and IBM Lotus Notes software support sound? Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Well, Shaw Wu, an American Technology Research analyst, cites his “industry and developer sources” who indicate that Apple will unveil some significant business-oriented software support for the iPhone on March 6th.

We’ve been pining for Apple to endow the iPhone with Microsoft Exchange Server support. The iPhone has seen limited success in the enterprise landscape, mainly because of its lack of business-software. IBM has already announced its intention to release Lotus Notes email for the iPhone, so the announcement that Apple will finally bring IBM into its stable of support software is no big surprise. But, allowing MS Exchange to work with the iPhone is a huge step, and a pleasant surprise.

“If true (which we believe is), this will prove key in having more enterprises and SMB adopt iPhone as their mobile platform,” states Wu. “What isn’t as clear to us is how Apple will accomplish this, whether this is from internal development (most likely), third-parties including Microsoft (next likely) with its ActiveSync technology, or Research in Motion Blackberry Connect (possible but less likely), or a combination of two or more.”

Once the iPhone gets some official business support from Apple, the iPhone could really shine as a true enterprise smartphone. After all, a ChangeWave survey showed that enterprise customers are more satisfied with their iPhone than corporate users toting RIM BlackBerry handsets.

“Nearly three-in-five (59%) of Apple’s business customers say their company is Very Satisfied with the iPhone.”

“RIM (maker of the Blackberry) ranks second with a Very Satisfied rating of 47%, though we note this represents an unusually large 8-pt decline from the previous survey.”

The results make sense, seeing as how 72% of iPhone customers are satisfied, making the iPhone the top pick in planned purchases.

Let’s see what happens on March 6th…

[Via: Apple Insider]

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