iPhone v1.1.4 jailbreak, activation and SIM unlock guide – Mac AND Windows [Update]

iPhone v1.1.4 jailbreakIf you’re rocking the newest iPhone firmware – or want to rock the newest iPhone v1.1.4 firmware – you’ll probably want to look into jailbreaking that sucker. This guide applies to all iPhones, new and old. It doesn’t matter when you bought your iPhone, it doesn’t matter what firmware you’re currently using. The only limitation is that the iPhone will not work with Google Maps My Location feature if you use it unlocked on a non Apple-sanctioned wireless network.Here’s how:

  1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes.
  2. “Restore” your iPhone to v1.1.4 – you might have issues if you “Update.”
  3. Let your iPhone do it’s thing. Go grab a soda or something, it’s going to take a while.
  4. Download iNdependence 1.4 beta 5 here. ZiPhone 2.5 here. 3.0 here iLiberty here. (make sure to choose the correct version – Win or Mac)
  5. Put ZiPhone iLiberty on your “Desktop.”
  6. Start up ZiPhone iLiberty.
  7. In the “Main” category, check the “Jailbreak” box to jailbreak your iPhone v1.1.4
  8. Check the “Activate” box to activate your iPhone v1.1.4
  9. Check the “Unlock” box to unlock your iPhone v1.1.4 to work with any GSM carrier. (If you have an older iPhone with BootLoader 3.9, check the “Unlock with 3.9FB” box – if the 4th and 5th digits in your iPhone serial number are “45″ or lower, then you have the older BootLoader 3.9 and you need to use this option)
  10. In the “Apps” category, check the top four boxes (leave the bottom box UNchecked)
  11. In the “Utilities” category, you’ll find a few options that you probably won’t need. If you need International support, check the appropriate box. If you want to upgrade your bootloader, check the appropriate box (not recommended).
  12. Installer.app is automatically installed with ZiPhone 2.5 iLiberty, courtesy of Step 10. If you want to get Installer.app up and running on your freshly jailbroken iPhone v1.1.4 (wasn’t that the whole point of running the jailbreak on your v1.1.4 iPhone?), you want to:
    • Download the Installer.app package from:http://repository.apptapp.com/packages/System/Installer.zip
    • Unzip to your desktop.
    • Add the Installer.app package to the “Customize” tab in iNdependence.
    • SSH into your iPhone by firing up Terminal (Finder>Applications>Utilities>Terminal) and issuing the following commands:
      • chmod 777 /Applications
      • chmod 777 /Applications/Installer.app
      • chmod 777 /Applications/Installer.app/Installer
  13. If you’re feeling adventurous, ZiPhone 2.5 3.0 iLiberty gives you the option to downgrade your Bootloader from BL 4.6 to BL 3.9 and then unlock your iPhone with a flash to the older 4.03 baseband. I do not recommend you downgrading your BL or flashing to the older baseband – there’s a serious risk of bricking your iPhone if you mess with the Bootloader (that’s why not even Apple will update your Bootloader from 3.9 to 4.6).If you really want to downgrade your bootloader, then do so. You can find the downgrade option under the “Advanced” tab. Let us know how it went.
  14. Don’t forget to fire up Installer.app and install the “BSD Subsystem” and “OpenSSH” packages.
  15. That’s it! Your iPhone is now jailbroken and/or unlocked. BSD subsystems, OpenSSH, and Installer.app are now ready to go on your iPhone. Easy as pie..actually, it’s easier.Enjoy!

ZiPhone 3.0 has been super-seceded by iLiberty, this guide has been updated to reflect the change.

[Update 3]
ZiPhone 3.0 has been released and should help you avoid some common problems associated with jailbreaking your iPhone with previous versions of ZiPhone. This guide has been updated to reflect the new version of ZiPhone.

[Update 2]
ZiPhone 2.5 has been released and with it comes the prospect of jailbreaking and unlocking any iPhone to a jailbroken iPhone v1.1.4. ZiPhone 2.5 works with Windows and Mac (as long as you download the correct version), and makes the jailbreak, unlock, and activation process as simple as clicking a couple buttons.This guide has been updated to use ZiPhone 2.5 in place of iNdependence 1.4 beta 5.

This guide has been updated with instructions for installing the Installer.app application onto your jailbroken iPhone v1.1.4.

  • Nena

    does this really work? without any kinks?

    i was going to go buy an iphone with v1.1.4 and just want to make sure!

  • Will Park

    I can confirm that it works flawlessly on my old iPhone. I bought it the day that it was launched, so it has the older bootloader on it. I haven’t unlocked it, but the jailbreak was problem-free.

    Are you going to get the 16GB version?

  • Nena

    No, I think I’m going to get an 8GB and I want to use it for T-Mobile, so I want to just double check before I buy. So, will it work? I don’t really know how this all works so just wanna get other people’s opinions.

  • Will Park

    Reports indicate that it should work with no problem. I have no personal experience with newer iPhones.

  • Zmiko

    Will this also work with the iPod touch?

  • josh flowers

    mine locked up after doing the sim unlock, i have NEVER tried to sim unlock my phone before. it is jail broken, and now i get the iphone needs repair message!!! Any help out there???

  • Will Park

    When did you buy your iPhone? What firmware were you running prior to using iNdependence? Are you using the latest version of iTunes?

    Worst case scenario (iNdependence can’t detect your iPhone anymore), enter DFU restore mode and restore with iTunes – connect iPhone to computer, hold down power and home-button together, release power button as soon as your iPhone turns off but keep holding down the home button. iTunes will prompt you to restore your iPhone if you do this step correctly.

  • BDizzleFizzle

    Just tried it on my iPod touch running 1.1.4…no go.

  • jailbreakquestion

    I am a legal AT&T user but want to jailbreak to use other apps. No need to unlock. Will this upload the baseband and firmware to 1.14 so everything else works? or is downgrading the baseband to perform its magic?

  • kiku

    whats the iphone ip address and root password? they show up when you try to add the installer app.

  • greg t

    ip address is your wifi address. password is alpine

  • iadams

    :?: I followed these instructions and got as far as installing Installer.app. These instructions don’t work past that point. I.e., I can’t ssh into the iPhone because it won’t accept “alpine” or any other password, and Installer cannot install anything (everything fails with an error that “Main script execution failed”.
    I tried installing the earlier (3.0) version of Installer, but it does the same thing.
    I tried changing the passwords to “dottie” and “alpine” for root and mobile respectively, via iNdependence. It said it was successful, but the passwords still don’t work in ssh.
    What next?

  • angelo

    whats the iphone ip address and root password? they show up when you try to add the installer app

    my wifi address is to long

  • iadams

    That’s an interesting question. The ip address can be found by looking into settings, under your WiFi connection. It should only be four decimal numbers separated by periods. How can it be too long? iNdependence gives you four boxes into which to put the four numbers.

    The root password is supposed to be “alpine”, but when iNdependence installed SSH, it filled in the password automatically and I couldn’t see what it was using. When using Terminal app on the Mac, “alpine” is refused by the iphone.

  • Will Park

    For the people having problems SSHing into their iPhones.

    Have you tried using the passwords “alpine” and “dottie” with the usernames “root” and “mobile”?

    root/alpine seems to work

  • iadams

    I solved my SSHing problem by restoring the phone (to 1.1.4), and re-jailbreaking with ZiPhone, then installing Cydia packager and the version of OpenSSH from there. Now SSH from Terminal to the phone works fine.

    I’ve found that, on my iPhone at least, the default password is alpine for both root and mobile. Neither user account answers to dottie.

    Thanks, all, for your input.

  • LBielak

    Will this update work without unlocking it and just using the stealth sim?

  • Will Park

    Just don’t check the box to “unlock” your iPhone and you’ll just have a jailbroken iPhone.

  • john

    Simple step by step explanation for iphone sim unlock. I brought Iphone when it was launched it is cool gadget I like each and every feature of this iphone. how ever to understand how it works I need to go thought iphone guide every time.

  • chinedu ugoji


  • Jill

    I bought the latest iphone 2 days back and used Ziphone 2.5 for “Do it All” option. Everything was successful and now i have put a t-mobile sim card and it never shows service though there is healthy signal. Any clue how i can resolve this issue?

  • Viru

    Can anyone please tell me from where to download firmware v1.1.4? Thanks!

  • Will Park

    Update your iPhone to v1.1.4 by simply connecting your iPhone to your computer and hit the “Update” button in iTunes. If you have previous hacks on your iPhone, use the “Restore” button to restore and update your iPhone.

    Are you running Win or Mac? Also, have tried restoring the iPhone and trying again?

  • gino

    Just bought a new iphone and fully unlocked it w Ziphone 2.5. Thought I had done the update to 1.1.4 but it seems it’s still on version 1.1.2. The phone works great with my carrier (Rogers) but if I want to get v. 1.1.4 do I just need to use the restore button and then go through the Ziphone process again?

    Also could someone explain for us rookies what installing the BSD subsystem and open SSH does?

  • PC

    I bought the iPhone 1.1.4, used ZiPhone 2.6b and it worked fine, EXCEPT it doesnt show any signal! So i cant call. Youtube works, WLAN works, file system works but no signal, plus it also doenst let me install any applications. Error message is “Download package failed”
    How can i get my phone to let me make calls. Please Help.

  • Bob


    My 1.1.4 iPhone’s the same with no service at the top, tried it with many sims and nothing!!

    Red dot appears over the phone botton below when I insert my Orange sim, but the other sims don’t?? still.. all sims don’t work no matter what I do, yes I used the latest Ziphone.

    Internets ok with mine, all the wi-fi is working and youtube ect.. just the sims I have problems with.. is there a version of Anysim for 1.1.4?



  • Arup

    Ziphone 2.5 is the greatest jailbreak available so far. Just one click to unlock v1.1.4. I am using vodafone SIM in India. I have upgraded 2 iphones from 1.0.2 directly to 1.1.4 from itunes and then used Ziphone to unlock.

    Thanks for the great work


  • LB

    why doesnt facebook work?

  • Erik

    Neither “dottie” nor “alpine” work for me either. I’ve jailbroken my 1.1.2 version but the passwords don’t work. Are their any other passwords?

  • Ian

    Worked fine, i used ZiPhone GUI V2.6b for Windows and upgraded from a jailbroken v1.1.3

    working like a charm :)

  • sin

    why its keep say no service??
    I have used iPhone from e-Bay and unlock
    I was unlock it once and the nesxt day it’s keep say no service until now.
    Anyway i used T-Mobil and I used a ZiPhone 6b
    I did restore to factory setting and “do it all”
    even i tried to make a Fake IMEI
    SomeOne Help me?????

  • Sylvia

    I unlock sucessful, but the T-mobile sim is not working. I can’t make a phone call. When I tried to install the sofware “any sim” in installer, it said I need the Firmware 1.0.2 or 1.1.1 to run the install.
    Somebody can tell me how to use the sim, please. Thanks

  • Slim2681

    I downloaded the ZiPhone Software but when it went to jailbreak my iphone it was doing it as a iPod not my Iphone is shot….
    It say IOIpodUSBDevice:: startiPod Stack cant Start Need Configuration

    What do I Do

  • Will Park

    Try restoring your iPhone prior to running the ZiPhone jailbreak.

  • ZCh!tZ

    Piece of Cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Note that there’s a file called ‘ACTIVATE JAILBREAK IPHONE’ in the Ziphone folder …that’s the one you’re supposed to launch. (I have an iphone 1.1.4) and that worked great with no installer problems whatsoever!!!!!! I noticed that the file called ‘JAIL BREAK IPHONE IPOD’ gave me some troubles with the intaller when trying to download Summerboard…. Iphone users, I recommend launching ‘ACTIVATE JAILBREAK IPHONE’

  • Will Park

    There you go! Enjoy your jailbroken iPhone, and start installing all those third-party apps :)

  • Slim2681

    i unlocked my iphone but now i cannot get my emails sent to my iphone how do i fix this

  • Slim2681

    i jailbroke my iphone and now i cant use half of the old fetures youtube, email ect… is there a patch i need to install

  • PC

    Slim2681, I went through the same and tried installing a number of apps and patches cos my sound and youtube stopped working. I even went into the filesystem to replace locked youtube files, restarted the phone and bricked it!! after a number of desperate attempts I got the phone to go into restore mode, which it didnt go into, it just wont even boot. Anyway, i restored to 1.1.3 and then used Ziphone 2.5 and it worked fine the second time. everything worked except youtube, for which there is a patch under “Tweaks 1.1.4″, but it will work for 1.1.3 as well as i found out.
    Hope it works for you, but do try to stay away from tinkering with the file system using SSH.

  • Will Park

    ZiPhone 3.0 is available.

    Good point, PC. There are solutions to potential problems in the Tweaks section in Installer.app.

    Cheers :)

  • Julius

    This is one of the best instructions for 1.1.4 unlock i have had online so far… it worked like a charm, no problems @ all… thank the team that put this together..

  • ITAdmin

    Neither YouTube Nor email work for me now… both programs open then immediately close. Used ZiPhone 3.0 on a 1.1.4 iPhone. Any ideas how to fix?

  • shelly

    Hey all,
    apologies for being a clueless bimbo. Just got given an unlocked Iphone on t-mobile (version 1.1.2 is what it says on the menu).

    Am i correct in thinking i can use any Itunes with it as long as i don’t update?

  • irishmacman

    Worked for me no problem 1.1.4 EU iPhone ZiPhone is amazing and made it easy for me. I did this for my landlord and was worried it may break it. Worked easy as clicking one button.

    Thanks for posting the how to!

  • Slim2681

    i tried to restore my phone through itunes but i keep getting an error code is there anything i can do to go back to 1.1.3

  • PC

    Slim2681, ignore the error code, go ahead with the ziphone 3.0

  • DW 123

    Help somebody!
    I have a 1.1.2 O2 iPhone and MAC OSX. Just updated to 1.1.4. Did all the bits with iNdependence …. all works perfectly, except the update deleted ‘installer’. Can someone tell me how to reinstall ‘installer’. (I don’t really want to use Ziphone as I don’t want to tempt fate when all is working and unlocked!! Is there a way just to load installer??


  • Ricky50

    Help, Just got a iphone 1.1.2 already unlocked. Put my Orange sim in works fine but cant transfer or read contacts off my sim!! don’t fancy transferring 300+ numbers individually. Anybody got any solutions???

  • Will Park

    The iPhone doesn’t see the SIM card as a source of contacts. SIM card contacts are inefficient so contacts on the iPhone are handled as vCards, like your computer.

    Here’s what I did. I transferred my contacts to my Mac via Bluetooth as vcards. I added the vcards to my computer’s Address Book (contacts application) and synchronized my contacts through iTunes.

    If you can’t sync your contacts to your computer, I would suggest using the SIM card utility in Installer.app. Look for “SIMport” under “All Packages”. If you don’t see it, add “http://installer.iclarified.com” to your “Sources”

  • JC

    Hi Guy’s I’m a bit of a novice so bear with me please!

    I used Ziphone and the iphone worked fine but the installer app wasn’t present so I restored the phone and started with “do it all again” the phone stuck after 10 mins so I tried again but I’m not presented with IOIpoddevice: startIPODStack can’t start! Need Configuration — any ideas or do I owe my son an new one?


  • DW 123

    Hey JC! …. I’m no expert on this stuff, but have been learning as I go. I too did the 1.1.4 upgrade but used iNdependence and also lost installer. Went in circles for two days and didn’t find a way to solve the issue. In the end did a complete reinstall using iTunes, then a full break using Pwnage from the iPhone dev team. OUTSTANDING! works like a dream with all the bits included, AND all those extra icons are auto deleted after its finished. Now running iTunes 1.1.4 and the difference is stunning to connectivity etc. Really great solution, worked for me! Good luck!

  • VP

    Hey all, just like JC I too did the same stuff and now my iphone is not detectable by my laptop or by iTunes. I get the error message on iphone “Start Ipod stack can’t start! Need Configuration”.

    Has somebody gone thru the same. Do u have any solution


  • JC


    I got a fix on another blog, can’t remember where – google got it for me- something to do with holding the power & menu button down at the same time and releasing real quick, have look round with google and let me know if you can’t find it – JC (phew panic over!!)

  • Taft

    Hey anyone who has the problem that JC has is actually I really easy fix. Just let the phone run out of battery and die. Plug it in the next day and when it starts charging, start it back up. It happened to me and my girlfriend had a breakdown, lol.

  • Wizg

    hey can someone help me? jailbreaking and activating worked fine for me but i cant unlock it to use my rogers sim card!! someone plz help!!!

  • peter

    my youtube and mail don’t work(well the gmail does but not the yahoo) I tried to use the tweaks 1.1.4 install the youtube cannot connect one and it said to reboot which I did and still doesn’t work.

  • Bobby

    I am running the 1.1.4 firmware on my Iphone and I am contracted with at&t. I do not want to unlock the sim of my iphone, just wish to jailbreak it. The instructions provided above seem pretty easy to understand and follow. But my question is that if I jailbreak my iphone today, and there’s a new version of firmware by Apple comes out tomorrow, will I have to restore my iphone with itunes then jailbreak it again in order to have the newer version of the firmware? And will I have to repeat this process over and over everytime Apple launches a new version of the firmware? Thank you.

  • Diego

    if i upgrade my iphone to 1.1.4 do i lose all the apps. etc. i`ve installed so far?

  • Henry Tazewell

    Will I be able to use my iPhone in Panama if I use this way to crack it?

  • Rs

    Hi Jc/ Vc

    just like JC I too did the same stuff and now my iphone is not detectable by my laptop or by iTunes. I get the error message on iphone “Start Ipod stack can’t start! Need Configuration”.

    Vc Have you got the solution.

  • chris

    I did ziphone on 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 however I get the ‘z’ icon for the blog but no installer. I then tried iliberyx but the ‘go for it’ button is greyed out….all i want is installer. any ideas?

  • shady

    i tried many programs and ZIphone but nothing working with me! it did the activiate and jailbreak BUT when i open the Wifi internet or try to download any application the iphone gives error and stoned and many things appear on screen!!! i donnno what to do plz help and email me…thanksss

  • need help

    hello guys

    exactly the same thing has happened to me as to RS ans JC:I get the error message on iphone “Start Ipod stack can’t start! Need Configuration”.

    does anyone know what to do in this situation? please help!

  • dumbass

    someone please help me. i followed the instructions and now i have a $400 brick. the phone restarted and now there’s just the apple logo and a swirling loading icon. i have iTunes open and the phone plugged in, but it’s not recognizing it. i tried doing the reset, holding power and home button, but iTunes still doesn’t see the iPhone because it won’t load back to the home screen. Please, help!

  • dumbass

    ok….crisis averted. i worked some voodoo magic skills and now it’s as good as new.

  • A

    Hi there

    I had an unlocked iphone. I downloaded something (i tun and then i am not sure what but wa abt 163 mb) from apple website. Now when i connect this to itune i get a message – sim card inserted is not supported. Can some one help me.

  • Someone

    For those looking for technical support on this website, I’d suggest heading over to the hackint0sh forums instead.

  • yankeefreak86

    this no shit works flawless. its idiot proof and works great. thanx for creating this.

  • Gin&Tonic

    Works like a charm! Just made an new US iphone (1.1.4) work with a Norwegian Telenor sim card.

  • skeptic at&t user

    I only want to install the apps (jailbreak), but not unlock because I have a legally contracted at&t phone. Will this work?

  • Aurelijus

    I have 3g sim card and not working in the 1.1.4 jeilbreak iphone what to do? help me ?

  • varcoe

    Worked great for me! A complete novice to the whole concept, decided to learn only this morning and was done by lunch using this method!


  • sterz

    hi rs i too got the same problem , do u have the soulution now???

  • adawalt

    does letting it die really work?

  • Lorenita

    TOTALLY WORKS on my Iphone… I did the accidental update.. and was on only emergencies.. now I will start to install the apps… But I had to do it twice bc I forgot to install the Cydia.. COOL!!

    fyi.. I’m a totally newbie on this.. so thanks you soo much

  • Sandy

    I have got a 1.1.2 iphone which was unlocked with Jailbreak using anySIM. Right now, Youtube doesnt work and I cannot install any third party applications.

    I want to upgrade to 1.1.4 & also would like to get access to youtube and other third party apps. Can anyone guide me to a step by step process of doing it. Also, I m a Windows Vista user and have iTunes 7 installed.

    All help would be appreciated

  • Will Park

    Restore your iPhone sing the 1.1.4 firmware and follow the process outlines here.

  • Sandy

    Thanks Will, it works great. I m falling in luv wit iphone yet again :)

  • San

    i really need help!!
    everything works and i have 1.1.4 firmware and everything installed correctly except that my t mobile sim wont work..it says NO SERVICE!! what do i do? i jailbreaked it using Ziphone


  • iphoneman

    hey any1 know any programs i can use besides winscp to view and add files on my iphone cuz i dont hav wifi and ibrickr dont wrk and i got windows xp as well. not a mac computer.

  • dude

    the jailbreak didn’t work because i uploaded ziphone first,now my itouch keeps saying,”BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0″. is there a way to fix my itouch so i can use iliberty instead?

  • dude

    please help me

  • Will Park

    Put your iPhone back in to DFU restore mode with the iPhone connected to iTunes. (hold down the home button and power button, as soon as the iPhone turns off, release the power button but keep the home button depressed)

    Restore the iPhone and try either ZiPhone or LIberty again. Also, consider Pwnage – http://www.intomobile.com/2008/04/18/pwn-your-iphone-from-a-windows-machine-pwnagetool-available-for-windows-users.html

  • Brandon

    Ok so i did every step and it seemed like everything went fine. But after it did everything and then checked my iphone, it didnt have installer on it. and i tried the procces over and got the same thing. Any help?

  • BenFranklinsPenny

    It worked! 16 GB iphone, 1.1.4. Definitely have to follow step-by-step, I had to start over twice because I got all giddy. No worries, tho, just restored in iTunes and went back at it.

  • Ben


    I’m with some of these folks who have ‘successfully’ according to the software jailbroken and unlocked my iphone, but I’m stuck at the sim stage. After the software says ‘enjoy’ do I have to load anything on the phone or am I ready to go with putting the sim in? I have tmobile, but when i tried to put the sim in it didn’t appear to work. There was just a flat line where it should say Tmobile. Any ideas?

  • Cody

    I jailbroke my 1.1.4 iPhone, but when I try to download a package, I get an error msg….”Package download failed”

  • m g

    Totally simple!

    I had my Irish O2 sim working on my US iPhone in minutes!



  • droop

    Ok so i got iliberty+ installed in my comp already and i just wanna jailbreak my itouch to use apps nothing more. Now, considering that, which options do i need to check? Jailbreak and cydia(cydia is the installer that will go to my ipod, right?)

    Also, what about the youtube fix? Should i do that too?

    And if there’s any problems i can just restore with itunes and it would go back as it was when i bought it, right?

    Thanks in advance! Cant wait to get all those awesome apps!

  • nicole

    does it matter what firmware my iphone is running? will this automatically upgrade my firmware to 1.1.4?

  • Will Park

    Update to 1.1.4 prior to using this guide.

  • tamara

    iLiberty+ worked great. My newly unlocked iPhone works fine with my UK and Australian SIM cards. Unfortunately, now I can’t seem to set the wallpaper on the phone. It keeps reverting back to an image that is not mine! It’s a minor issue, I know, but it’s annoying. Is there a way to fix this problem?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Derek

    Can I unlock my iPhone from AT&T and use it in the Uk on and O2 sim card plan? If so, is there a different way of doing it?

  • tamara

    Derek–iLiberty to jailbreak & unlock your iPhone. Any SIM card on a GSM network should work. Mine is an AT&T phone, too.

  • mania kim

    how to unlock 2.0 iphone software my iphone is not new but i updated the software on it and now it is locked how do i unlock it

  • sniff

    I upgraded my iphone 16GB v1.1.4 to 2.0 and now it’s locked! itunes shows “please insert a valid sim card. sim card not supported.” I really need it to work. Please help!

  • tamara

    Apparently, others have had issues with this wallpaper problem after jailbreaking their iPhones. I found this on another site:

    Originally Posted by Beeswax
    hey did you figure out how to fix this? my iphone is doing the same thing with a picture i don’t even have in my gallery? i’m running iphone 1.1.4 with and it will not change, i have tried installing and uninstalling summerboard and saving new themes and different wallpapers… still the same stupid image that i have no idea where it came from keeps coming up… it’s bugging the hell out of me!

    Does anyone know how to fix this? What is Summerboard? Please help!!

  • matt

    download ziphone from ziphone.org.
    and click the one with all on when u have opened the program.
    then if it doesnt work
    make sure u have a official 1.1.4 or any other firmware, i had the same problem as most of you, however i made my own firmware on winpwn. make sure u have a origional 1.1.4 firmware and restore ure iphone to that origional just to check. search google to find the file.
    bobs ure uncle
    done :D

  • Silva

    We unlocked the iphone with iliberty and ziphone but we still have the message no service please help… :(

  • Brent

    I have been an iphone customer since the original launch over a year ago. I have always been scared of bricking my iphone so I have not tried jailbreaking until today. I used iLiberty and it worked flawless. I watched every “how to” video on you tube video and read every blog I could find. I must admit that I wish I had tried this months ago. I purchased the 3g iphone at the latest launch last Friday but after jailbreaking today I think I will put my 3g aside until they release a stable jailbreak for it. iLiberty is very stable and easy to use. If I am do it, anybody can.

  • Corey

    does this work on the new 3g iphones

  • Will Park

    Do not use this jailbreak solution on the iPhone 3G. Wait for Pwnage Tool 2.0 from the iPhone Dev Team

  • md

    hi, i have successfully unlocked my iphone to 2.0 with pwnage and its working with other network sim’s but not with my own 3 mobile sim! can any one help??!

  • Nick

    THANK YOU !!!! iLiberty is fucking awesome.
    it worked perfect on my iphone after I update to 1.1.4

  • Will Park

    Glad to be of service :)

  • Suzy H

    HEllo All

    Ok so i have a tmobile unlocked 1.1.4 iphone. My installer just stopped working and always says packaged failed?!?

    So i want to upgrade to the newer version.

    So can someone tell me step by step what to do. I unlocked it using the old ziphone but i believe since then there has been a new one put out.
    Do i first restore it on itunes, followed by unlocking it on the new ziphone version?
    Right now everything is working great , except my installer so im wondering if its just time to upgrade again but am nervous to do this and lose everything.
    can someone email me detailed instructions. PRETTY PLEASE!!! [email protected]

  • sundar

    i upgraded my iphone to v1.1.4 then to 2.0 now my phone is locked what shall i do it to unlock it

  • suzy

    I used iclarified.com directions to unlock my 1.1.4 phone to the new 2.0 using Pwnage Tool 2.0. had to do it 3 times because it was still locked after doing the whole thing but it finally worked. I LOVE CYDIA and my phone now works great! I have the 8g original iphone with a tmobile sim card.

  • Will Park

    If you’ve updated your first-generation iPhone to iPhone 2.0 OS, and you want to unlock it, follow this tutorial:

  • Karchoong

    hi all. I was about to restore my unlocked iphone 1.1.4 to install the installer and other packaged payloads, but unlike the instructions mentioned above, when i click restore in itunes, the next option that comes is RESTORE AND UPDATE (itunes 7.7 on MacProQuadCore) to 2.0.
    Should I proceed? Will the same steps also unlock my 1.1.4 iphone after it has been updated to 2.0?

  • D-NICE


  • Karchoong

    I just RESTORED my iPhone which had been updated to 1.1.4 from an earlier OS on itunes 7.7. with the bundle iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw, and i assume it’s been updated to 2.0. Now my phone is locked and no matter which client i use, iLiberty, ziPhone, or Pwnage 2.0.1, the screen just gets stuck at ENTERING RESTORE MODE… Gone through the whole process of updating the phone again countless times.

  • D-NICE


  • seb

    i updated my iphone to fw 2.0 by accident. i bought it with a 1.1.4 fw. i used ziphone to jailbreak and unlock it. also restored with itunes 7.5. my problem now is…i how can i restore the phone’s signal..i keep getting a no service message. i spent hours googling but i can’t seem to find any useful answers

  • Erica

    I was jailbreaking my itouch with ziphone. It was taking too long so i pressed “stop” as it instructed to do. Now the ipod is stuck in the mode with white words scrolling and says NEEDS CONFIGURATION. The itouch is not detected by itunes. What do i do???

  • chris

    my iphone has FW 2.01 on it, and when I click update or restore there is no option to restore to 1.1.4, how do I go back to old fw so I can jailbreak?

  • bubbles

    hey, I had a friend “jailbreak” my phone and it was successful except it downloaded mxtube. Now youtube doesnt work. Says, “cannot connect to youtube”.
    I personally am not a fan of the mxtube at all! It takes too long to download and u can’t leave the program or it stops downloading whatever your downloading. Even if the phone turns off since there is no activity. You literally have to sit there and play with the screen until the download is complete! What a pain! Anyways, please please help!!!!! I want youtube back! I’m getting sick of not being able to use one of the biggest features for the iPhone!!!! Please please please help!!!! I’d so appreciate it!!!! : )

    [email protected]

  • mp3-

    I used this to unlock both my 1st generation iphone and my ex’s itouch. Very easy and simple. Just dont miss a step, or dont update the itunes software.

  • Brittany

    Do you need to have a valid SIM card in the iphone in order to run iLiberty? Without one, the farthest iLiberty goes for me is a slightly loaded “Entering Recovery Mode” bar and the only way I can get out is if I restart my computer.

  • ziad smith

    Hey there,, after upgrading my iphone on itunes, with the new software i cant access into it, when i turn it on it says emergency calls only and my sim card is pluged into it,, altho i was using this sim card befor, and i cant know whats the main problem so can i get any help or explanation about whats happening and what shall i do,, thanks alot

  • helpful experience

    Worked great! My configuration:
    0) Windows XP Pro on a slow Toshiba Celeron laptop with 20GB HDD and 256MB RAM.
    1) iPhone 8GB v1.1.4 had already been activated with AT&T blank sim inserted (no service).
    2) fresh install of iTunes (8/25/08).
    3) connected device and let iTunes sync without updating or restoring (already have 1.1.4).
    4) installed iLiberty+ and executed it with only Jailbreak check box selected!
    5) disconnected and reconnected iPhone while iLiberty+ running (I had Windows Task Manager running to watch processes and to make sure iLiberty+ was not crashing).
    6) iLiberty+ jailbroke and performed the other unchecked selections automatically!
    7) inserted my T-mobile sim and made a phone call, turned on WiFi and surfed as usual with iPhone. It is all working great! It took about 20 minutes, but that was because I was painfully careful at each step (even redoing the first disconnect and reconnect steps when there was no response from iLiberty+.

  • the dude

    iliberty has been in entering recovery mode for at least 30 mins and it does not seem to be moving forward. Help me please……………..

  • Robert

    I jailbroke my iPhone unlocked it and activated it, but when I put in my sim card I have no service and can’t make any calls.
    Can anyone help me?????

  • mford

    helpful experience: in regards to ur iliberty configuration, would it be in my best interest to just buy a att blank sim card first before unlocking my iphone? i need to unlock mine and from what ive been reading sometimes its not just a walk in the park! pls help me! thanx

  • pete

    Hey I downloaded the iLiberty and started running the program.
    the download bar wont move and it says entering recovery mode. Its been on this message for about 20 minutes is this normal? I am new at this and I am kinda scared about why it wont move and its just blank.

  • deval

    Hi…..i have just bought a jailbroken second hand iphone which is running version 1.1.4. I dont have itunes loaded on my PC. Which version of itunes will go with v1.1.4? Can i run the latest itune available on the net? Thanks in advance.

  • Omkar

    i m having iPhone 3G bought in UK but now currently in India using Vodafone SIM card, 16 GB, with Windows XP, iTunes installed…

    unlocked & restored it with Quickpwn and iPhone1,2_2.0.2_5C1_Restore

    it worked, it shows up the menu…

    but wen i insert the SIM card, it says “NO SERVICE”…so cant make any calls…

    Installer app, YouTube…etc…everything is fine..

    only cant make any calls…




  • Emad

    What about the 3G ???

  • Tony

    I tried to use the Iliberty, but now its just stuck in “Entering Recovery Mode” and its been stuck there for awhile. i have no idea what the issue is.

  • def ao

    s up.my iphone getn’ some trouble.its not only da code cz when i’m tryn’ to remove ‘em.told me that is disabled.help me i beg plz,what matter is dat?tnx bye……………….

  • veer

    hi, i had 1.03 version on iphone. i later update to 2.01 version from i tunes aftre updating its displaying sim card not supported

  • iphone sim unlock

    It works without any problems ! Thank you so much !

  • Beano

    I jailbroke my friends iPhone unlocking it and activated it quickpwn 2.1,using my sim card from att&t and it worked great! so I rejailbroke (to use his t-mobile sim card) using quickpan 2.1 but ran into errors read to use Quikpwn2.2, so I used quickpan 2.2. Quickpwn 2.2 allowed me to reset back to v2.1 but when I put in his sim card (T-mobile with adapter) iphone comes up but no service and can’t make any calls or internet (wifi works!).

    My question is With the sim card removed, I can still bring up the iphone (select no sim card) and still play with appts. I have a wireless network at home and the iphone sees it as a WIFI available connection. I DO NOT have internet capabilities on my cell phone package, would I be able to use wifi for free anywhere or through my internet wireless or would It cost me a fee by my internet provider or cell phone provide (Both are AT&T)?


    NOTE: called at&t they said I have to have some type of internet package on phone to use either internet wireless at home or wifi anywhere or I would be charged? any comments!!

  • Rolfe S

    Hi – I have just loaded this up! Thanks!! Its great.

    Question – what happens when the iPhone says that there is a software upgrade? Do you ignore it or can you upgrade the firmware? (excuse my ignorance – your help appreciated!)


  • Will Park

    You can use WiFi hotspots for free. There is no charge from AT&T to use a free wifi network.

    If you want to preserve your jailbreak, and potentially an unlockable iPhone 3G baseband firmware, you’ll want to wait for the iPhone Dev Team to jailbreak subsequent iPhone updates before performing a software update.

    Subsequent software updates should be performed through PwnageTool, just to be safe.

  • Ron

    I got unlock iPhone but the problem is everytime I go to the place has no signal my network got lost or no service, i need to bring it back
    to the store to fix it I’m tired doing that, is there any one can help me pls,. Thanks

  • lm

    i have just used quickpwn on my iphone which didnt have any of the same instructions as above..is that normal?
    I also now have no signal and no wifi.. how do i get it back
    Please help me!!

  • Carlos

    I have a 2G iPhone unlocked with version 2.1 on it. I tried to add the facebook app and it says “This app is not compatible with this iPhone. Help!!

  • Alex

    Hey, I just got my self an iPhone 2G that was bought in London, worked fine with my sim card, the phone was not sim locked. But now when I tried to download the new uppdates 2.2 for my phone from iTunes, the phone was restored and I cant activate it with my sim card. I tried to use iLiberty+ but with no results, it just wont work :(
    Help me please

  • daljit parmar

    i have iphone8gb with the version 1.1.4(4a102) ..i was trying to connect
    itunes v. but itunes dosn’t show device. is it thr version mismatch problem
    betweeen iphone version an itunes version. if yes .. please help how can i solve it ang connect my iphone to itunes.
    daljit parmar

  • mk

    im totally new to this…..
    i’ve read countless stuff…..and now im all confused………..
    where do i start?

    also……whats the difference between jailbreak and unlocking?

    sorry for being clueless, but plz help!

  • Deji Doherty

    My iphone hung up for several days, I left the battery to run down and then I charged it and switch it ON again, it will only return to same position, so I did a restore with my itune which had ver 2.2, after the restore, I couldn’t use my phone because of my region. Can someone help me with a way forward.

    thank you

  • Zephy

    when i am trying to unlock the iphone tthrough zihone iliberty it gets stuck on recovery section

  • steve

    I quick pwn my iphone 2g every thing work good but my utube and network don’t work

  • Shaggy

    i jailbroke my iphone but the Wi-Fi isn’t working.please help.

  • AYIE

    how can i jailbreak and use iphone here in the phil. I have a 1.1.4(4A102) version. help i cannot put any carrier provider here.

  • fora

    thanks for really good guide, very useful

  • Victoria

    for some reason it doesn`t recognize my ipod .
    it says ”no device connected” ,
    help .
    i don`t want to try ziphone ,
    i have a mac desktop and everyones says iLibertyX works better than the ziphone .

  • kt

    so im going to get an i phone and jailbreak if for my tmobile service. is there anything extra i have to do with that, like pay for the internet on it?

  • slim

    Thanks for posting the how to!

  • Sergey Alekhin

    Worked fine, i used ZiPhone GUI V2.6b for Windows and upgraded from a jailbroken v1.1.3

  • diggaj

    i’m having iphone touch 8 gb, jailbreaked it with 2.2.1(5H11), working with new look but sim recognition failed, its vodafone carrier, what to do

  • hope

    help i have i phone 3.1.2 already unlocked. but i update i tune and phone got lock. then i want to airtel and they open but i can no phone. i can use interent and othere thing but i can not use phone i try different sim but not working it say call failed. please help me how to start my phone. thanks

  • obey

    i jailbroke my iphone but my sim wont even show or let alone work…can somebody help?

  • Kaitlyn

    I see how it is jailbroken… but how to you activate to say… a verison account???

  • Pat

    I have an AT&T MiFi mobile hotspot. I am moving to Panama and AT&T is not available.
    Can this device be made to accept a different sim card and function with a different provider?



  • chris

    Can someone help i am trying to jailbreak my iphone4 without a sim i have used redsnow and it has gone through the motions and restarted the phone does this mean it has been jailbroken?

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