Telstra prepping iPhone launch in Australia?

iPhone coming to Austalia TelstraWhile we haven’t heard anything concrete from either Cupertino or Telstra as to when (or even if) the iPhone is coming to Aussie shores, there’s new speculation that leads us to believe that Telstra is preparing to receive the iPhone – possibly toting the new iPhone v2.0 firmware.

Telstra has posted an employment listing for someone with “front-end UI” experience develop a search-application for the iPhone. We can’t imagine that such an app would be of much use to any network, let alone the network’s subscribers, without an iPhone. Regardless of potential problems with Australia’s telecom regulations, it seems that the iPhone is indeed coming to Telstra.

Now, if Telstra is planning to develop a native iPhone application using the iPhone SDK, then we would have to assume that the Australian Telstra iPhone will launch with iPhone 2.0 firmware already installed. That, in turn would indicate that the iPhone will go Australian sometime in late June. One the other hand, if the search application turns out to be a web-app, then we could see the iPhone coming to Australia even sooner.

Keep your Aussie fingers crossed…

[Via: 9to5mac]

  • Tim

    Please please please, NOT on Telstra! Go virgin.. optus… anyone else!

  • … unknown

    IT shud be an optus phone …..

  • Chris Morris

    I am 99% sure it will be released by Vodaphone and VERY soon

  • i want an iPhone!

    oh i can’t wait for an iphone to come out in aus! but i hope u can get it on pre-paid and i hope some day soon it will will be with optus becuse i really hate Telstra.

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