GeoPedia – location based iPhone application that has Wikipedia following your iPhone

GeoPedia - third party iPhone application with location aware wikipedia articlesNow this is one of the coolest third-party, native iPhone applications that I’ve yet to see. GeoPedia is basically a location-based Wikipedia interface for your iPhone.

With the iPhone’s (v1.1.3 and up) Google Maps My Location feature, iPhone users can hone in on their approximate location. It’s not GPS accurate, but it can usually find the exact street corner that you happen to be loitering around (of course, your mileage will vary). And, with the ability to track your general position, it was only a matter of time before an application like GeoPedia came to light.

The unofficial (aka, Jailbreak) third-party application takes your iPhone’s positional data and pulls up Wikipedia articles relevant to your current position – all in an iPhone-esque sliding menu. It’s like having your very own Wikipedia tour-guide following you around¬† and cluing you in to interesting what-nots in your area.

Add “” to your Source list (here’s how you do that), and install “GeoPedia.”

[Via: iPhoneFAQ]

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