Employees quitting left and right from Nokia’s Maemo

Nokia Maemo sees employees leaveThere’s nothing we like more than an open-source platform. A community of like-minded individuals working to make a platform work for them, the way they want, is just cool.

So, what’s up with the recent spate of employee desertions? We’re hearing that, over the past few weeks, Nokia’s Maemo group has seen four employees involved with the Internet Tablet platform taking an indefinite leave of absence. It’s safe to say that the Maemo platform will still be chugging along on Nokia 770, N800, and N810 Internet Tablets, but what’s the big picture here?

Is Nokia planning to go a different route with their open-source plans? Or are these guys just tired of working with Maemo?

In either case, we’re just going to wait on the WiMAX Nokia N810 to hit at CTIA.

[Via: Tommi Komulainen and Engadget Mobile]

  • foobar

    It’s safe to say that considerable part, if not actually majority of Nokia-lead development for Maemo is not done by Nokia employees but various open source oriented subcontractor companies. Just to put things in perspective…

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