AT&T: 4G LTE network in 2012

AT&T planning 4G LTE network on 700Mhz spectrumJust what does AT&T plan on doing with all that 700Mhz B-Block spectrum (from the 700Mhz FCC auction) and that valuable swath of 700Mhz C-Block spectrum (from Aloha Partners)? It looks like AT&T is going to use the fresh-off-the-grill spectrum to launch its own 4G LTE mobile broadband network.The additional spectrum firmly plants AT&T at the head of the spectrum-owning game – the B-Block spectrum combined with the C-Block spectrum holdings will give AT&T 100% coverage in the top 200 US markets and 87% coverage over the entire US.

“Results of the auction bidding demonstrate the B Block was the most attractive, most valuable spectrum available, and it was the best investment for AT&T and our customers,” said Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO of AT&T’s wireless division.

AT&T’s LTE network isn’t expected until 2012, so we’re all going to have to do with the No. 1 US carrier’s upgraded 3G network in the meantime. That, and Sprint’s WiMAX-based XOHM network.

  • Jordan Levy

    They better move faster than 2012, word on the street is Verizon will have a 4G network up next year.

  • Abdul Sharif

    SWEET!!! AT&T you rock my cell phone world!!!

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