BMI: Ringback Tones’ Bullish growth in 2008!


BMI has released projections for 2008, and is expecting ringback tones will generate over $210 million in the U.S. retail sector – this would be an increase of 50% on the numbers they did in 2007!

It’s not only Ringbacks that are predicted to be strong though – streaming video is expected to do well also. BMI has additionally predicted that ringtones themselves have had their day, and this market will decline, although still generating a healthy $510 million (projected) in FY08. Apparently this is equal to about a 7% drop (of a very big number!) on FY07.

BMI’s projections are based on it’s extensive data gathering from over 200 million US Mobile customers’ buying behaviour – whihc is believed to the the most comprehensive in the industry.


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