Yidsun’s BlueBoom series Bluetooth speakers look retro cool

Yidsun BlueBoom series Bluetooth speakers

Yidsun has recently unveiled a couple of new retro-lookin’ Bluetooth speakers under a single umbrella called “BlueBoom series.” Four models are announced – SPK-798, SPK798i, SPK799, SPK799i. The SPK-798 boasts 50W of power and also packs a subwoofer, while two other models (SPK-798i & SPK-799i) can connect with iPods and also server as docking stations for Apple’s media playing products.

BlueBoom series provides a new wireless Bluetooth portable stereo speaker that offers rich, room-shaking and high-fidelity sound quality and has a sleek look & design.

As for the availability and pricing, all four models will be hitting store shelves in May, with MSRP ranging from about $100 to $180.

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