WMWifiRouter now more stable than ever; Not a freeware anymore


Back in January, we wrote about WMWifiRouter, a neat application for Windows Mobile devices that allows users to turn their smartphones into WiFi routers. Naturally, it’s advisable to use a 3G/HSDPA connection, otherwise WiFi enabled devices around you won’t experience true mobile broadband speeds.

Now Morose Media, the folks behind the application, decided to move WMWifiRouter beyond “freeware status” and make it a real full-fledged, stable application. In order to get it, interested users will have to pour out 14.99 EUR. It’s still a bargain if you’re going to use it often. In addition, for only 15 euros you’ll be supporting further development of this application and make sure you’re always in a hotspot. ;)

I’m just hoping they’ll port their app to other platforms as well at some point in the future…

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