Little Help: Which HTC devices are these? Is the lower right even out?


This picture isn’t the highest of quality and I blew it up to 500 pixels wide to make out what exactly is gong on here. The top row, from left to right, and please correct me since I’m not familiar with the HTC lineup is: TyTn II, TyTn II, Touch Cruise, Touch. The bottom row, from left to right is: unknown, P3470, unknown and unknown.

Are the unknowns devices we can expect to be announced on May 6th? According to Mobile-Review these are all HTC devices.

  • bazza

    The three unknowns look like the same device but with one showing off its hidden qwerty keyboard and two of them showing different interface screens. i say this because if you look caruly, the hardware designs are all identical.

    Alas i have no clue what product name it is.

  • bazza


  • PineRoot

    @bazza: True, wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t mention it.


    Let me go light my cigarette,,,,I think I just came..

  • Raidium

    They all do look like the same device but i have not a clue as to what it is. Looks nice though! I think I’m going to wait on a new phone until the specs are “figured out” on this mystery device.

  • griz

    the one in the bottom left with the keyboard out looks like the HTC Dream concept (which is supposedly their android phone) but its a little different.

  • bazza

    Indeed it could be the fabled android, but seeing that android isn’t out of “public beta” yet and this new mystery device is stacked with current HTC handsets, I think its safe to say its not the Gphone. Looks more like a sleeker younger siblin to the tytn family.

    Of course I could be totally wrong ^_^!

  • Michael

    I think it is windows mobile.

    One is showing Manlia theme and the other is a windows mobile diapad.

    May be it is the so called HTC Raphael

  • Larry

    Could it be the Zune music phone???

  • Surur

    I know you are way over WM, but there are plenty of people waiting for HTC’s next WM devices. The devices pictures are the HTC Raphael, the HTC Kaiser successor, and the HTC Diamond, the HTC Touch successor, both with VGA screens and of course running Windows Mobile.


  • gemini72


    the last two on the bottom two are exactly the same to my knowledge. They are known as the very secretive HTC Diamond Series!! They’re going to be spectacular! GPS! VGA! And so much more…

  • Stark

    From left to right on the bottom row is my next guess: First that one might be HTC Raphael. The Second is HTC P3470 like he mentiond. The Third is the HTC Dream and the last one is HTC Diamond just like HTC Raphael but will not include a slide qwerty keyboard and it will be just touchscreen like HTC Touch. Hope I am right or atleast close

  • Raidium

    I’m not sure if your right. The bottom left device and the bottom right device look identicle. The only difference is one is reveiling the slide out keyboard. It also looks like it is sporting window mobile. As with the other unknow device, it looks the same except a different color scheme. And the navagation pad looks alittle different (but that could be with the distortion of the picture). I wouldn’t think the dream because of the windows mobile but it could be a prototype with WM to make sure the device is functional. I couldn’t guess the name of the phone but all your guesses seem aproppriate. I just feel that the most they are showing here is 2 different phones and not 3.

    And is it just me? Or does the top right corner of the bottom left and right device look like the AT&T logo?

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