Pictures: Nokia N96 vs N95 8GB

Nokia N96 vs N95 8GB

I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to see how the existing Nokia N95 8GB smartphone stands against the upcoming N96 model. Yeah, the N96 has more storage on board, but also the worse battery. What follows is a series of photos that show how the two devices look standing to each other. Which one will you pick? Or if you already own the N95 8GB, will you upgrade?

Nokia N96 vs N95 8GB - pic 1

Nokia N96 vs N95 8GB - pic 2

Nokia N96 vs N95 8GB - pic 3

Nokia N96 vs N95 8GB - pic 4

Nokia N96 vs N95 8GB - pic 5

Nokia N96 vs N95 8GB - pic 6

Nokia N96 vs N95 8GB - pic 7

Nokia N96 vs N95 8GB - pic 8

Nokia N96 vs N95 8GB - pic 9

Nokia N96 vs N95 8GB - pic 10

Nokia N96 vs N95 8GB - pic 11

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  • bazza

    IMHO, you just cant fault the N96. Compared to the N95 8GB, which is a nice looking phone in itself, the N96 is a sleek, simplistic, clean lined beauty. Its like zen when its idle, nothing is shouting out at you, and its just uniform.
    Its just a fine evolution in design from its older siblin there.

    To hell with battery capacity, afterall there are many still enjoying the original N95 with its dismal battery. I’m more of the impression tha the software enhancments in Feature Pack 2 will make more efficient use for the battery…..less waste.

    A definate buy for me.

  • Eltawil

    I certainly like the new clean simplistic design a lot more than the previous model. Although I have to admit the N95 looks a lot more manly and a lot more rugged where it gives you that “indestructible” feel.

    Nevertheless, phones screens nowadays are ditching the ridges a long the sides to give a more smooth slick feel which I prefer. Plus it gives an end to those mysterious dust particles that manage to slip through and underneath the screen (god I hate when that happens).

  • Joe

    Waoh the N96 looks so cool and in awsome matrial.Amazing great smartphone!

  • kalle

    Now if only the N96 would have a touchscreen….

  • WTF

    WTF look at these like you’ve never seen either. Forget the specs. The N95 is way way way better looking. If it was comming out after the N96 and called the N98 all of you would be like I MUST HAVE IT NOW. The N95 wins on looks, loses on fetures, and we will see about function.

  • aurel

    Some models look like n96:n81,n78…I think n95 8gb win.Have a good feel when tasting n95 8gb.N96 is a copy like Iphone in static forms.He win only in memory storage and two apps implemented by Nokia.But in beauty and usage time will say…

  • Raidium

    I really like the N95 8GB. It’s a nice clean well put together phone but if the N96 is sporting the same specs then it has my vote. It’s got to be the clean cut sleek look that makes it more appealing. Battery life may be worse but that’s what extended batteries were invented for! πŸ˜€

  • to auren

    and you think the n96 is a copy of the iphone? How funny lol and insulting to nokia at the same time and by the way n 96 is 100000 times better than the iphone lol the iphone only has like 2 mp cam? While the n96 is a gaming . 5mp Camera. Gps . And 16 gig memory whats so great about the iphone lol certainly cant compare with these nokia giants:) no offence

  • Daniel

    I think the N96 definitely looks more sleek. I don’t think i could justify the upgrade though from my N95. Unless i all of a sudden became more hungry for storage space. At the moment 8gb is ample for me.

  • jeevan

    i can’t make my mind up i’v got the old n95 and i don’t know weather to get the n95 8 gig or the n96

  • GeorgeL

    I wouldn’t get the N96, I think is practically the same cellphone as the N95, they just change the way it looks outside, if they wanted to improve it, they should have made it Touchscreen, improve the GPS (Make it faster) and also increase the resolution in the Camara (Picture and Video).

  • steve

    how do we know its got a worse battery than the n95?? 8gb the phone isnt even out yet!! sure its got a smaller battery but it may have the same battery life.

  • Jonathan

    i dont know they both are nice i have the n95-8g but im gonna be jumping to the n96 because of the memory but i did not see the Infered in the pics and my irremote is a MUST does the n96 have Inferred

  • Jonathan

    I JUST LOOKED IT UP NO inferred i will pass on the n96 only cause the universal remote blows ANY feature out of the water

  • Mick

    I will go for the N96 ! It look so cool and sexy

  • Barnes

    Yes the N96 look awsome good.

  • Jose Chancafe

    Hola a todos mi nombre es Jose, well first able i wanna apologize cause my English is not so good, well i was looking your comments, and i agree with some of them but i disagree with this one that said that Nokia n96 is a copy of Iphone its absolutely en seine, well between N96 and N95 8gb i think its a big difference, well as u know Nokia n96 is a version for Europe cause they have 3g network with HSDPA/WCDMA and i think they already have HSUPA, but the big different is that N96 has the DVB-H standard which is the European standard for digital tv, America has another standard which not support digital tv in mobiles but actually they have an external device that allow terminal use digital Tv ; and i think in this new models Nokia is making terminal that works in the band of 850, 1900 and 2100 with HSDPA cause initially only works with 2100 which is the frequency that use Europe. An related with design i think N96 is a little bit simple than N95 8GB, our friend from Nokia made a great work with N95 that’s why was kind of difficult to make a better one. Now i would like to know your opinions about N95 8Gb and Iphone 3G which has 5megapixels camera and also works with HSDPA and more features.
    Apple is breaking the market not only in USA want to enter to Asia and Europe, we will see if Nokia with Symbian will stop that.
    DANKE πŸ˜‰

  • Jose Chancafe

    Fe erratas: By mistake i wrote 5megapixels instead of 2megapixeles, i think its almost impossible to make a 5 mega pixels camera with that dimensions.

  • cmm

    There is no comparison in looks, the N96 is just much nicer. But whilst looks are very subjective, the N96 is still going to be the phone to go for – more memory, more features etc. Bring on the N96

  • John

    Yes Bring on the amazing N96 !

  • Lenny

    You all say it will have more features ??
    does someone know what they are ?
    Is it worth the wait??

  • yasir

    i think that johnathan is right irremote is a very great software

  • Geenstijl

    I have the Nokia N95 8GB and iam not gonna update for this cheap feautres. I have 8 gig and its much more then what I need, as long as I know the front cam is better… and ofcurse the battery, in this phone she does her job great ( 6 hr’s) and in the N96 its a shitty battery enough only for 3 hours and 40 min’s.. suckssssssss….
    so generally its not convincing, N95 8GB is better. oh and ofcurse look and the N95 8 gig design, in my eyes its better then the N96.

    so in my eyes the N95 8 gig is way better..

  • Franklin

    I do also use Nokia N95 8GB… the thing I have to tell about N95 N958GB and N96 is… N95 have very Good Features but Battery Life is Worse, the same is also with N96…. But in N95 8GB the Battery Life is Good enough to use the All Available Features

    Even Though We have More Features in N96, but the Battery is same as the Nokia N95 Battery, so let Nokia Shall Do something to Improve The Battery Life in N96.. Where it will be Very Comfortable to Use all the Available Features In Nokia N96…

  • Eddie

    I have the 95 8g and i really really like the look of the n96,the screen,the shape,and size is really appealing

    but 3 and a half hours battery life dosnt seem worth it?although i have waited for this phone for a long time

    should i get it? i need more pull factors here?

  • private

    i did read all ur comments as i am interested in buying a new cell I already own the N95 but i would gime my vote to the n96 as a result of what happened to my n95 buttoms all colors dissapeared nut to mention dat N96 looks more classic and much easier to be carried what facilitates my work on the other hand we dont have to forget about the battery but i guess that nothing is perfect

  • nick

    The N96 dose not have a GPU,the N95 8g comes with a ati chip witch makes good use of the N-GAGE app.Also the side mounted speaker on the N96 isnt as loud or as crisp as the N95 8g….2 more reasons not to upgrade.

  • mumu

    the N96 has a nice look and those who are supporting the phone for its features and dont know what it is, I tell you to stick with your N95 because it’s ####ing Awesome, otherwise if you care about the look, get the N96 but you’re wasting your money for nothing and doesnt worth it.

  • Sujay Raj

    frnds, another great draw back of n96 comparedto n95 8gb is that it does not support internet over wlan…!

  • Nokia Fan

    Currently i have the N95 which is awesome, except for the battery which last 1 day with average use, and only 2 hours when i use gps.

    I must say i like the new slick look, BUT i am dissapointed it is still very thick. If apple can make their iphone so thin, sure nokia has the resources to archieve this. Back in the day the N95 was a bit thick, but that was okay it was loaded with features. But now we are a few years later i might expect it to get a lot thinner.

    I am a bit dissapointed on this matter. Tnx for the pictures, nice article man!!

  • Brian

    #Nokia fan
    If u want a thin smartphone who is greate cheek out the
    E71 the world’s thinnest smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard.

  • darth maul

    I have N95 and I see that there are no new features in N96 make you change N95

  • darth maul

    the n95 is the best smartphone till now but the n95’s display has more resolution than n95 8GB’s and n96’s diaplays

  • Dan

    What about the 6220 classic?

    i get an upgrade at the end of the month and to be honest the N96 does look better however according to nokia its not out until october so is it worth the wait?

    whhat does anyone else think about this?



  • Dan


    how much is 25000-28000RS?

  • KT

    i want to have an N96, but i’m so pleased with my n95 8gb right now. Though the n96 has twice the storage of n95 8gb for me it’s a bit cheap looking IMHO, that’s why I’m not quite sure if i am going to upgrade. and there is no VOIP support, how sad.

  • bea

    N96 reminds me of N81. i love the new look, the curves, the color, compared to a more angular, edgier masculine looking N95 8gb. women would love N96…

  • Peter y

    I have the Nokia n95 8gig and Its awsome . Who cares about a little more memory and a lousey battery for what…a few hundred bucks more! Come on. And in my opinion the Nokia n95 8gig looks better and has plenty of memory. People at my work cant believe what it does. 5 megapixel camera! Video recording and plug and play! By the way , there getting rid of the Iphone 16 gig they own to get the Nokia n95 8gig. I did . So if you want to spend a few hundred bucks more , change the battery, get a little more memory and an ugly Nokia n96 ….hey…to each his own.

  • nokian

    N95 8GB is the better looking. WTF w/N96 design? look like a bigger version of n81. (and alot of other nokia nseries). if the N96 is the KING then the N95 8GB is THE GOD.

  • Nick Daives

    Im deciding on what phone to get out of these 2, I really am unsure do I go for N96 Tv, Massive memory etc…or N95 8GB with half memory and probally cheaper contract, Ideas would be helpful thanks (:

  • IntoMobile User

    But I think the N96 is very much better than the N95 8Gb because especially 1 the design I like the N96’s design compared to the n95 8Gb because look the headset input is at the side…why will Nokia put it there it’s Nonsense……..2 the speaker is at the 2 right sides…it is very good because if you use it in landscape mode the sound is much better….3 it has a pop up stand on the camera so it is like a picture frame….4Storage you know that already….5 the TV you can watch wherever….whenever……you want

    But also N95 8gb one this features
    colors(n95 8gb is 16.7M colors & the N96 is just 16M)
    and others…….

    You decide

    but for me it’s n96

    Soooooooooooo Niiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avidh

    I see they’re ditching the standard USB port that was on the N95 8G – found that useful as loads of people have those cables kicking around. I think the N95 looks better down to it’s bulky rugged shape – the 96 looks a bit womanly. But there’s no denying that the feature list described on the new phone is seriously impressive although I hear battery is one of it’s downfalls. I’d definitely do the upgrade though.

  • Dingo

    I still like the N95 8GB, I think the keypad is great in N95, vidoe quality is much better than N96, and only con is the N95 does not have any slots to add any more memory. and its great they have the 3.5mm jack on the top of the N96, its really hard to put the N95 in denim pocket with headphone jack plugged in.

  • BrycePapPap

    Im looking to buy a new phone and these are very much in contention
    i Think the N95-2 has better features and is defo a lot better thn the first N95 but the N96 really does beat the N95 on looks so much cos its a sexy phone and i think the N95 is quite ugly

  • Bud

    Nokia 5 mega pixel camera sucks! Try to print em in 3r size, eww u got a low quality pics. My n95 is still no match even with 3mp digital camera! I think nokia should improve their camera first!

  • Budscom

    Nokias 5 mega pixel camera sucks try to print a picture in 3R size, ul get a low quality discolored picture, a 3mp digital camera is much better than my n95. It think nokia should fix their camera first!

  • Andrew

    i’ll prefer n95 8gb.1st,n96 is much more expensive than n95 8gb

  • Jason

    I have the 2 mobile phones. But i want to sell the N96. forget it.. too slow, the sound is a shit, i think the only thing better than the N95 is the memory.. i cant’ find anything else more.. If you are about to buy a N96, don’t do that. The 8GB N95 is even better! faster, with better sound, and some other more things.. And.. cheaper! πŸ™‚

  • usman

    n96 is the brilliant bcs its internal memory very class the memory is 16gb

  • ahamd

    hi all
    i want to ask pries nokia n9 96 the lost one product nokia \
    how is much is it on usa ????

  • veiledvulture

    who says n95 fails on fearures?
    tell me what extra features n96 has?
    ur gonna start crying out about the 16gig plus micro sd slot, that and the built in tv on the go thingy..wat else? ? ?
    n95 8gb is a powerpacked all rounder…while u cud call n96 a tv phone..n95 has been the best for really long..lets see if “beautiful and pretty ” little miss n96 can do the same..

  • Cipap

    To budscom, Bud

    Are you a dumbass? Comparing a phone camera and a digital camera??

    Its not the MP that makes a camera good. Its the goddamn lens. Do your fucking research before you start talking nonsense here.

  • Peter

    Don’t know how tough the N96 is but…i dropped my N95 out of my pocket whilst on my motorbike,speed at the time was roughly 60mph,i just caught the brief image of my phone hit the road in my mirror,bounce up in to a few pieces then lay motionless…I pulled up,ran across the carrigeway,grabbed the pieces which were left on the ground,jeez it looked bad,missing were was the sim and rear battery cover,looked for ages but not joy,screen was dead,plastic rear cover bent stupid,front cover awol too,but there was a beat,i could hear beeps when buttons were pressed.
    Ordered an lcd screen from ebay Β£14 and an “i love gold”facia,so tackie just had too.
    fitted it tonight in about 3 minutes,pressed the on button and waited…You f**kin wee dancer,back of the net,IT LIVES,now people that it is one tough son of a bitch phone.

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