Sprint Treo 800w launch date and details

Sprint Palm Treo 800wSo, with the HTC Touch Diamond and Raphael set to complement the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 in the high-end smartphone market (not to mention the 3G iPhone’s impending launch later this year), Palm’s planning to throw their Palm Treo 800w into the mix. Palm’s efforts to revive their tired product lineup started with the popular Palm Centro and will continue with the arrival of the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional-powered Palm Treo 800w.

We’re hearing that July 22 is the expected launch window for the Palm Treo 800w, and the official color on launch will be Charcoal Black.

Threaded SMS text messages are handled by Palm’s own version of the SMS system, rather than Windows Mobile. In addition to the 320×320 touchscreen display (slightly recessed), WiFi, EVDO Rev. A, we’re also expecting the keyboard to be slightly larger than that on the Centro and the keys light up.

This is apparently what the new Treo 800w will look like.

Palm treo 800w charcoal black

Now we countdown to July 22…

[Via: WMExperts]

Expected launch is July 22, post edited.

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