Update: BT “ToGO” service launched in UK

b0.pngFollowing on from Dusan’s post, BT have released more details on their plan to give their broadband customers smartphones, so that they can capture more of the UK mobile market. The new “BT ToGO” handsets will work on home/public WiFi, and utilise mobile networks when WiFi isn’t available.


The two devices were named as the S620 and S710 from HTC, and are bundled in to a new broadband offering called “Broadband Anywhere”. Prices are from £23.99 to £53.99 per month, and only the S620 is given away free on cheaper tarfiis. Users also get fixed line broadband in that monthly price, plus Openzone WiFi and BT FON access.

Well it’s an interesting take isn’t it – rather than being a Mobile Operator, and offering “mobile broadband”, a fixed-line operator is tackling from another angle and offering to mobilise the DSL experience. The handsets from HTC are fair enough, so really the question just remains as to whether the packages are good value (i.e. priced correctly) – market uptake I think will determine that…..

[Via: GSMA]

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