North Korea gets jiggy with 3G wireless networks

Orascom telecomYou’d think that a locked-down, super secretive Communist regime like that in North Korea would be one of the last countries in the world to roll out 3G network connectivity. And, you’d be right. North Korea’s 3G wireless network will launch as one of the developed world’s last networks to offer higher, 3G data speeds.

While most people will probably be surprised to hear that North Korea even has a viable cellular network, Orascom has announced that they’ve completed the first call on North Korea’s 3G network. The wireless company is trialling their North Korean 3G network, with hopes to commercially launch the network by year’s end. CHEO Technology, in which Orascom has a 75% stake, has been awarded a 25-year exclusive contract to provide the 3G network infrastructure.

Welcome to the 3G-club, North Korea.

[Via: CellularNews]

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