Video: Sony Ericsson P5 Paris demo

Well, well, Sony Ericsson or at least someone very close to the Swedish-Japanese company has made the official P5 Paris demo video available on YouTube. What this means is that in the near future — maybe even before June 17th — we may see the Symbian UIQ smartphone finally announced. After all, we saw the leaked photos and we pretty much know all of the specs. It’s SE’s turn to call the journalists and release the damn thing. 😉

  • Marklar

    omg how gay is that guy?! x) the red shirt and huge V neckhole and taking pictures of himself. And he uses a SonyErisccon Paris Hilton edition. Thats like the definition of a buttey boy.

  • Teregus

    Yeah. Imagine he had an iPhone. That’d be to gay to publish.

  • Sarav

    haha.funny lol..

  • rose

    ….so what does that phone do that’s so great????

  • dusanb

    WiFi, GPS, 5 megapixel camera, and it runs on Symbian UIQ! As a matter of fact, this is the first GPS-equipped Symbian UIQ smartphone.

  • scoooby

    Gay? Seriously? I was thinking TOTAL FLAMER.

    I have never seen a V-Neck that gay. EVER.

  • scoooby

    . . . a real iPhone killer. Not.

  • Wuffer

    Iphone killer, bahh. Iphone is the new kid on the block. Its the Iphone that needs to be better in all areas (in its marked).

    The new SE looks cool.

  • Wifiguy

    That wasn’t a shirt, that was a blouse. The blouse is the new black!!

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