VLC media player goes iPhone, iPod Touch

VLC on iPhone

Zodttd is bringing its popular VLC media player to the iPhone and iPod Touch users. At the moment, VLC for iPhone/iPod Touch allows selected testers to playback MPEG/MPG, AVI and MP3 files, and the software author wowed to bring the support for FLAC and OGG formats “soon.” In addition, he’s researching how to include VCD, DivX, WMA and WMV formats in the mix. The end result could be the ultimate media player for iPhone/iPod Touch.

VLC for iPhone/iPod Touch is currently in private beta, but a public release is planned soon. Naturally, jailbroken iPhone will be required, but that, as we know, is not a problem. 😉

[Via: MacRumors]

  • TareX

    Amazing. And this is all before the SDK 2.0 apps start kicking in. Com’on Android apps, show me something before the iPhone pulls me in.

  • Ravyn

    How do I get involved!!! Can’t wait to see the wmv codec kick in.

  • Interface

    Awesome. Been using VLC for years and love this product. Not having to convert movies to mp4 is one more thing i dont have to do. Will be a simple drag, drop and then play with VLC w00t. Well done fellas look forward to it 🙂

  • pouria

    hi , how can creat my own playlist with vlc on my iphone.???
    when i watch clips , only i can watch one, and vlc cant run next clip so i have to do my self to select next clip !

  • ken

    the first non-jailbroken media player OPlayer comes to iPhone now.

  • monty burns

    vlc player unfortunately doesn't play movies in portrate mode, no rotation is supported

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