Apple launches MobileMe for data sharing in the cloud

Apple MobileMe replaces .Mac, brings push email, contacts, calendarThe newly announced iPhone-successor has taken the lion’s share of the Apple WWDC limelight today, but there are other notable announcements from Cupertino that seem to have gotten a bit lost in the shuffle.

Apple has announced a new service for its hyper-connected customers. MobileMe is essentially the re-branded replacement for Apple’s .Mac data-sharing service. With MobileMe, Apple wants all its customers (iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, and even PC users with Mac hardware) to be able to share their files and data across multiple devices. By pushing information to the “cloud,” MobileMe provides users the ability to sync email, calendars, contacts, and photos in almost real-time.

The service will cost the same $99/year that the .Mac service was priced at, but will arguably offer even more functionality. The MobileMe web application allows drag-and-drop simplicity in managing mail, calendar, and contact entries from any computer – with 20GB of online storage to boot!

Any changes to data from a computer or iPhone will immediately be pushed to the cloud where it will then be pushed to all other connected devices. That means MobileMe users will get push-everything.

Find out more about MobileMe at Apple’s MobileMe tour page.

  • matt

    Please correct your headline. Apple has not “launched” this service yet. They announced it, with no particular launch date.

  • matt

    Like it or not, MobileMe will achieve a much tighter integration with your OS and handset than Blackberry BES/BIS or any other. Yes, you have to pay for it, but you get far more than just e-mail. You get a usable suite of web accessible applications with push sync to your handset, hosting, always-on filters, etc. And like BIS, you can theoretically forward any number of addresses to your @me account.

    Why use 5 different “free” services to do what Apple will be offering for a modest $8.33 a month?

  • AC

    Huh? You actually get MUCH LESS than BIS, for email anyway. Last time I checked BIS supports up to 11 separate email accounts.

    You’re not part of the zombie Mac fanboy army by any chance, are you?

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