Apple’s 3G iPhone announcement – Next-generation iPhone debuts at Apple WWDC 2008

Apple WWDC for iPhone 3G announcementAlright folks. It’s June 9th and that means Apple’s WWDC 2008 is kicking off today. Steve Jobs is undoubtedly getting set to take the keynote-stage with his next-generation iPhone in hand! All the rumors be damned, we’ll finally see what is and is not true about the iPhone 3G soon – can you taste it? Live, hit-by-hit coverage of the 3G iPhone announcement here at IntoMobile, so stay tuned.

iPhone 3G

That’s it folks! the iPhone 3G is now official and it’s everything we expected.

Lower pricing? Check

3G? Check

GPS? Check

Tapered edges with glossy plastic backing? Check

The new hotness worldwide is the iPhone 3G.

Now we wait for July 11. A whole month?! Start saving those dimes and quarters…

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the latest in mobile news!

Wrapping up WWDC 2008. iPhone 3G is official!

Rolling out iPhone 3G at same time in 20 countries worldwide.

Launching on July 11th

iPhone 3G11:44am
iPhone 3G 8GB will sell for $199!!! Auditorium explodes in applause!

iPhone 3G 16GB for $299.

And, a White iPhone 3G!

All international deals are signed, sealed, and delivered

iPhone 3G in 70 countries in coming months.

iPhone 3G with GPS11:39am
3G and GPS with better battery life and better performance than the competition!


Location data from cell-towers, WiFi, and now GPS! As expected

Here’s the kicker. GPS integrates with Google Maps to provide live tracking!!

Improved battery life with 3G:

300 hours of standby

3G talktime of 5 hours!!

Web browsing – 5 hours

Video – 7 hours

Audio – 24 hours

iPhone 3G data speeds

iPhone 3G performs 36% faster than Nokia N95 and Treo 750. You get full webpage with better performance! Still can’t get over FLUSH HEADPHONE JACK!

Browser and email downloading will be significantly faster on 3G than EDGE. Funny that EDGE is no longer an acceptable data network for Apple.

Website loads in 21 seconds on 3G, 59 seconds on EDGE. (laughter as we wait for EDGE webpage to load

Solid metal buttons, same 3.5-inch display, plastic backing, tapered edges – everything we expected with the “iPhone 3G”

Flush headphone jack!! And improved audio quality.

Biggest barrier to iPhone purchase is the price. So, Apple will be making the iPhone more affordable.

“Today we’re introducing the iPhone 3G!!”

Next challenges – 3G network (huge applause), enterprise support, more features, more countries.

6 MILLION iPhones sold “until we ran out.”

90% customer satisfaction for iPhone. “Off the charts”

98% are using mobile web on iPhone. “Unbelievable”

94% use email.

Now, moving on. Next up is the iPhone! “In a few weeks.”

mobile me is $99 per year. Available with 6-month free trial.

What about .Mac? mobile me replaces .Mac.

Take photos with iPhone. Send picture to mobile me, categorized in new album. Picture shows up on mobile me web app almost instantly. Easily share photos through the cloud.

Email, contacts, calendars, photos – all in the cloud and pushed to and from your iPhone! (oh, and iPod Touch too!)

Push data to mobile me almost instantly. As soon as you change or add a contact or email or etc. you can access the changes through the mobile me service. Now that’s the power of the cloud.

“You know how well email on the iPhone works…if you have one.” Like anyone in the room doesn’t!

iDisk also syncs through mobile me web application. Access all your data from any computer anywhere in the world. Oh yea, and through your iPhone!

Sync data and files with drag-and-drop interface through web browser. Nice!

Just point any browser to “” and access all your personal data.

All applications integrate with mobile me.

There’s also PC support – Outlook can sync with mobile me.

Changes on iPhone or computer get pushed to mobile me and synced to all other devices. Works wirelessly.

mobile me – new service from Apple to keep all your info synced in the cloud. Push (!) email, contacts and calendar.

Better than “ActiveStink”

Ad-hoc distribution allows iPhone developers to keep up to 100 iPhones in development network and share applications across those 100 iPhones.

Talking up AppStore’s features – no credit card processing, secured applications (FairPlay), infrastructure.

AppStore will be in 62 countries – reach iPhones almost anywhere in the world.

10MB or smaller applications can be downloaded through iPhone on GSM, iTunes, or WiFi). Bigger applications can only be downloaded through WiFi or iTunes on your desktop.

“Great solutions for not having plasticky keys on your phone”

Now on to new iPhone 2.0 features.

Contact Search is a go.

View iWork documents.

Complete support for Microsoft Office documents.

Bulk email move/delete.

Activate Calculator with landscape mode.

Parental controls.

Chinese character recognition support.

iPhone SDK stuff is now done.

Example of how not to keep applications up to date in the background – Windows Mobile and Task Manager. Classic.

Push notification system keeps applications connected in the background. The iPhone maintains a consistent IP connection to keep data updated to the application.

You can push alerts, email inbox, custom textual alerts.

How to keep applications up to date in background. Background processes is not the answer – it will drain battery fast and will tax system resources (CPU cycles) which slows down the entire system.

Digital Legends Entertainment from Barcelona, Spain only started developing for iPhone two weeks ago. Krull an impressive iPhone game set for September release.

MIMVista next up to show off medical imaging software on iPhone. Access CT scans and images showing metabolic activity. Manipulate data to best view patient data – pinch, double tap, pan features all supported.

Medical application for iPhone. Modality is showing off just how well the iPhone platform can be used for the medical field – instant access to medical content.

Real-time video highlights of live baseball games!

10:48am takes the stage to show off native iPhone application – At Bat.

All games are available. Live games shown on top.

Shows stats – who’s on base, score, etc.

Huge applause for Cow Terry. Some Brit Insurance agent developed this application to allow you to make music on the iPhone. Trick!

Cromag Rally is 3D rally racing game for iPhone. 3D graphics are amazing. Will be available for $9.99 on AppStore.

Check out Cromag and Enigmo on your Mac now.

Pangea takes the stage.

Enigmo is physics-based puzzle game controlled through touch. Use touch to zoom, pan, rotate around the game.

Watch videos through Mobile News Network. Look for the application to launch on AppStore for free.

AP shows off native iPhone application to bring news from thousands of news organization to your iPhone – the “Mobile News Network.”

Location-APIs used to determine location and find news relevant to your current location. You can browse AP’s “award winning photographs on the iPhone’s high-res screen”

Associated Press is up next

TypePad is up next. Native application for mobile blogging on the iPhone. More than 100million bloggers use TypePad every month.

Demonstrating TypePad for iPhone. It’s so simple and smooth, you can blog photos straight from the iPhone’s photo album.

Creating and editing posts is so simple. A couple button clicks and a bit of text and you can send your latest thoughts to your blog’s front-page. Easy as pie.

Location services combined with social networks – Loopt takes the stage.

Demonstrating location-based services.

eBay application demonstration shows how easy it will be to browse auctions and keep tabs on your favorite auctions. “Watch List” is cool. Look through photos, check details, bid with security. Available for free through AppStore soon.

Super Monkey Ball to sell through AppStore for $9.99.

eBay up next. Native application for iPhone

Super Monkey Ball demonstration shows how full-featured the game is on the iPhone. Accelerometer support and smooth gameplay.

Scott invites iPhone developers on stage to demo their creations.

SEGA’s Super Monkey Ball!
Scott is still demonstrating the iPhone SDK’s features and ease of use. Keep in mind, this is a developer conference. We’ll be hearing a lot about what you can do with the iPhone before we actually see the 3G iPhone.

Scott is demonstrating the iPhone SDK APIs. Core Location services are off the hook!

Building user interface as we speak.

iPhone SDK APIs and frameworks on the iPhone share the same components as those used on the Mac OS X kernel. The iPhone SDK uses the same source code that we see in Mac OS X.

Core Location component of iPhone SDK allows developers to easily build location-based features in to iPhone.

Cocoa Touch provides the touch component of iPhone’s Mac OS. More on X-Code, Interface Builder and iPhone Simulator

Enterprise testimonials. iPhone SDK is up next – Scott Forstall explains

35% of Fortune 500 has participated in Apple’s iPhone 2.0 enterprise beta program

iPhone 2.0 includes push email, push contacts, push calendar, auto-discovery of Exchange severes, global address lookup, and remote wipe security feature. Apple listened to the enterprise market and built-in full enterprise support in to this iPhone firmware version!

iPhone 2.0 explanations in 3 parts – Enterprise, SDK, and new features

iPhone SDK started 95 days ago. There have been 250,000 SDK downloads, 25,000 developer applications with 4,000 developers admitted in to program

Steve Jobs has taken the stage!

Turn off all “cellphones, PDAs, and iPhones.”

There’s a lot of activity right now. Is Jobs about to take the stage?

Just a few more minutes, folks. Sit tight, we’re almost there!

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  • stu

    Wow that was such a biased fanboy report. Why get so excited over things other phones have had for so long now. The iphone may look good but beyond that its already out of date. There are way to many phones out now that can do so much more than the iphone. It really is just a designer phone and not much else.

  • Maciek


    High five…when you can’t come with anything better than the product that’s already on the market, then you have to pretend you have the best product by making everythign seem larger-than-life…such is the case of Apple vs. N95’s. That’s exactly what apple is doing. When at&t launched their GSM network, they called SIM card a “Smart Chip”. Of course every ma and pa and that nice old lady down the street will think they’re getting a technology on par with Star Trek…yet it’s just a simple SIM card. Apple may call it GPS tracking. Sounds nice…but guess what.. that’s all it does with google maps…no real navigation like a real GPS does (n95)…etc etc…so they’re just brainwashing everyone into thinking they get a future-proof technology where in reality they’re getting a phone that’s on the same level as for example a piece-of-crap outdated 3G RAZR.

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