Nokia N85 caught in the wild

Nokia N85 in the wildThat’s right. The rumored Nokia N85 has been spotted in the wild and Engadget Mobile has the pic to prove it.

The Nokia N85 sports a glossy black finish, falling in line with the design aesthetic that we’ve seen Espoo using on their N-series devices. The Nokia N85 slider apparently rocks a 5 megapixel shooter, integrated GPS, and photo geotagging – unfortunately that’s about all we know at the moment.

Nokia N85 in the wild

Nokia N85 in the wild

Nokia N85 in the wild

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • Sarav

    This is just N82 in a slider!! why isnt Nokia telling us more abt the s60 touch UI !!

  • Zak

    The front looks discusting

  • CHrisp P

    What the fuck? Pretty much yet another N95 iteration – Nokia are you going anywhere forwards?

    Nokia is losing it big time.

  • Will Park

    Well, Nokia did damn well for themselves with the N95, it makes sense that they’d look to repeat their success with the same formula.

    You’re comments somewhat echo my thoughts on the Nokia N85 and N79 that I just posted about. But, keep in mind, Nokia may not even go to market with these devices, or they may be re-branded as a more down-range (non-Nseries) device to keep the N95 and its Nseries brethren distinguishable from the rest of Nokia’s portfolio.

  • cfloat

    isit just me or it’s written N00 (zero-zero??) on the above left side of the phone?

  • tamer

    N95 is a perfect devise- but old fashion now. N96 very expensive and tv thing not working anywhere! Thing N85 will be a good choice- heard it has FM transmiter!

  • arun

    i love n85 and n70 coz they r very diffrnt frm all oter N sers models

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