Twitterrific coming to iPhone

Twitterrific for iPhoneIf there’s one thing that Twitter as made for, it’s the mobile space. The micro-blogging masses will know Twitterrific as the gotta-have Twitter client for anyone using a Mac (you are using a Mac, aren’t you?), and the uber-popular Twitter client is set to make its way to the iPhone’s Mac OS platform. Being able to “tweet” from your handset is convenient, but not always pleasurable – what with tiny displays and clunky UIs getting in the way. Twitterrific hopes to bring the same intuitive UI that we see in the Mac OS X version to a rock-solid native application for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Twitterrific coming to iPhoneWith the AppStore being prepared to go live in the next few weeks, Twitterrific developer Icon Factory is putting the final touches on their Twitterrific iPhone client. As a native application, Twitterrific is set to take on the likes of the already-available “Twinkle” twitter client. And, with Hahlo having recently updated its web-app UI to make Twitter all that much more convenient, Twitterrific has some seriously entrenched competition to face.

Twitterrific for iPhone is designed with the user in mind. Buttons are arranged with thumb-position in mind – more frequently used functions are easier to access than others, and checking up on your Twitter-friend is as easy as a simple double-tap of the multi-touch display. Composing a tweet is a simple matter of a button press and your off tapping away at the iPhone’s keyboard. And, to make it easier to follow embedded hyperlinks, Twitterrific offers an integrated mini-browser.

All in all, Twitterrific for the iPhone seems like a promising application.

[Via: iPhone Central]

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