Nokia N95 running Android!

Wait, what? Google’s Android mobile OS is running on a handset designed with Symbian as the underlying mobile platform?

Yep, at least that’s what it looks like from what we can see in this here video. Apparently, some enterprising Android fan has managed to get what seems to be Android up and running on their Nokia N95. The videos aren’t exactly of the best quality (read: crap), but we can clearly see the Android-based Google Maps application grabbing positional data and the Android dialer making a voice call.

The first video shows the dual-boot setup this guy has setup, allowing him to boot up in to Android or Symbian. The second video shows the Nokia N95 running Google Maps and making a phone call on Android.

Now, given the lack of information we have on this video, it’s hard to say whether this video is showing a real-deal Android installation on Nokia N95 hardware, or if it’s just some clever UI demo cobbled together by someone with too much time on their hands.

In either case, we’ve got to hand it to “0Munch0” for putting together an impressive Android demonstration.

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • Kamlesh

    i dnt think n95 has got enough hardware power to run android…bt a lot of things r possible nowadays

  • Jake Stone

    So, is it real or not? I would really like to dual boot Android on N95!



  • Tim Murray

    There are lots of Android ROMs is there one for a nokia N95? That would be awesome XD

  • Yugakaeminem

    Is this really possible ….I have a vivaz which has a 768. MHz processor a clear TFT nHD screen with a 640 * 480 resolution can play videos at 640p …I wanna know if my hardware is enough to rig the android os without much difficulties …even if it lags a little no prob….I just want the APPS ! !!!!!!!!!!

  • Erwe

    bullshit, this is a M1 symbian app that emulates android menu… crap

  • Erwe

    bullshit, this is a M1 symbian app that emulates android menu… crap

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