Android delayed to Q4 2008 and later

It wasn’t too long ago that Google announced their OHA (Open Handset Alliance) and the Linux-based Android platform. Once Android demonstrations started popping up all over the blogosphere, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on an Android-powered device.

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait longer still. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google’s Android mobile OS, slated for a 2H 2008 release, has been pushed back to a Q4 2008 launch window. In fact, some developers are going to need more time and don’t expect to get Android hardware on market this year.

The good news is that US carriers like T-Mobile are on schedule to release their Android goods later this year. Unfortunately, Google’s development of T-Mobile’s Android endeavor has come at the cost of Sprint Nextel’s Android hopes – they won’t be seeing any Android-fruit until next year.

Now, Google has an incredible challenge ahead of them with Android. Getting a huge bunch like the OHA organized behind a mobile platform is no small feat, especially with Apple bearing down on Android’s potential market by keeping their iPhone and iPhone 3G development environment close to the vest. But, with the demonstration of the HTC Dream running Android, we’re not worried that Google will be struggling to win the hearts and minds of many with their Android handsets.

[Via: WSJ]

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