Android on your Nokia N810 Internet Tablet – Made easy with Android Installer

Android Installer for Nokia N810 Internet TabletCan’t wait to get a taste of Google’s Linux-based Android OS? Well, Nokia N810 Internet Tablet owners are in luck. With Android getting ported to handsets like it’s going out of style, it was only a matter of time before an easy-as-pie Android Installer came to light.

Enter the Android Installer for the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. The new installer makes the previously hair-raising Android-port no more intimidating than a couple file-saves and an installer execution.

You’ll need to make sure your Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is running on the latest firmware (Diablo) and that there’s at least 110MB of free space on your device (internal memory or miniSD card) before you proceed (there are reports that an N800 “kinda” works with this installer, but experiment at your own risk).

Then follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and save the android.img.bz2 image file to your device (internal or external storage).
  2. Download and save the android-installer.deb file to your device.
  3. Install the Android Installer file.

    Android Installer for Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

  4. Reboot device.
  5. Start Android from the “Extras” menu.
    Android Installer for Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

That’s it – easy-peasy, wasn’t it? Of course, Android Installer or no, you’ll be proceeding at your own risk.

Android image file here.
Android Installer file here. (mirror)

[Via: Pocketables]

  • Steve

    Well this is a pretty plain install and really offers nothing with respect of applications to try. There is a web browser, contacts, and three other apps, the Contacts will not run (N810 is not a phone). The web browser however did load and rendered crisp pages. This is like the barest of barest of barest of desktop and apps and in no way looks like Android does on lets say a G1 – no clock, no bells and whistles, nothing like that. It looks like this merely and only serves the purpose of showing it can be installed on the n810. I am all for it mostly because I like to see a coup against Microsoft on cell phones.

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