Sprint posts Palm Treo 800w user manual

Sprint Palm Treo 800w user manualSprint’s upcoming Palm Treo 800w is something of a big deal for Palm. The Palm Treo 800w represents Palm’s latest effort to retake a portion of its once-huge smartphone market share, and a true test of Palm’s ability to follow-up on the success of the Palm Centro. And, helping to spread the word about their Treo 800w prior to its launch, Palm hasn’t exactly been keeping their Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional-powered smartphone under the tightest of wraps.

With more leaks and spy-pics than we care to count, the Palm Treo 800w’s feature-set and exterior styling are anything but a mystery. And, with this smartphone’s user manual getting posted on Sprint’s website, there’s nothing about the Palm Treo 800w that we don’t know.

Sprint Palm Treo 800w user manual

We’d have liked to have seen a flush-mounted touchscreen on the Treo 800w, but the illustrations in the user-guide and leaked spy-pics show a slightly recessed touch-panel – a recessed, pressure-sensitive touchscreen do not a modern-feeling user experience make. Still, with the dedicated WiFi toggle switch prominently sitting on top fo the device, we’re sure the Palm Treo 800w will make quite a splash when it launches on July 13 for $249.99 (after 2-year contract and rebates).

It looks like the user manual has been changed to show only a partial PDF

[Via: TreoCentral]

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